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Alumni and Friends Making an Impact

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Giving September 23, 2020
Heart and Home

“Both of my brothers went to UD, and I really wanted to not go where they went,” said Allison Gerberick with a laugh. “But nowhere felt like home like UD did.”

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Giving September 23, 2020
Bernard Caldwell
Bernard “Coach B” Caldwell ’91 worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 18 years and has worked in education for 13. Through both careers, he’s always been a coach.
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Giving August 28, 2020
Better Together

Wayne Hogrefe ’72 wanted to do his own thing — something different. He heard about UD from a friend of his sister, and UD had two things he wanted. It was the right size, and no one he knew was going there.

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Giving July 31, 2020
Getting and Giving Back Every Day
What inspires someone to give back to the University of Dayton for 20 years? It’s the things that happen on campus every day. For Margaret “Margie” Pinnell, that started on day one.
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Giving June 26, 2020
Family Giving Matters

It’s no surprise that parents were the first responders for students when COVID-19 turned our world upside down. And, true to our community, many of them were looking to help more students than just their own.

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Giving June 02, 2020
Hollywood Connections
Flyers in Hollywood is an annual event that brings alumni working in the entertainment industry together with current students preparing for their dreams to do the same. Although the trip couldn’t take place this year because of the pandemic, that didn’t stop alumni and students from making connections.
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May 26, 2020
Lighting a Path for Others
Jamel Gross-Cassel ’20 has been estranged from all of his relatives, including his nine older siblings and parents, for six years. College wasn’t even in the picture for Jamel growing up, but his high school guidance counselor talked him into at least applying to schools that didn’t require an application fee.
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Giving April 30, 2020
Sharing the Blessings

When talking about giving back, Debra Plousha-Moore ’89 points to the Gospel of Luke. Specifically, Luke 12:48: “Where much has been given, much is expected.”

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Giving March 31, 2020
The Gift of Community
The pandemic changed the ways in which we engage with — and rely on — our friends, family and community.
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Business March 11, 2020
One Day, One Dayton Gifts Help SBA Keep Pace With Growth

Thanks to One Day, One Dayton gifts to the Dean’s Fund for Excellence, the School of Business Administration Expands and Improves their Undergraduate Advising Center.


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