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Flyers for Life

Resolutions for a Flyer new year

By Megan Abbate ‘14

Author bio
City: Astoria, New York
Profession: Book Publishing
Favorite UD Home: 20 Lawnview

I can’t believe it’s almost 2020! This year will mark a decade since my high school graduation, which also means it’s been 10 years since I started my first year at UD. I’ll always remember moving into Marycrest, getting involved on campus and making new friends. I’ve had to do the same thing a few more times since graduating — first in Pittsburgh, and then again a few years ago in New York City. As I think about the new year, UD is shaping my resolutions. 

See my UD friends
During Reunion Weekend this past summer, my roommates and I made a pact for them to come visit me and our other roommate, Caitlin Aurigemma, in New York. We’re trying to time it with the March A-10 tournament. Seeing my roommates from 20 Lawnview is always a blast, and I really hope we can work it into our schedules to see UD play as well. 

Share my time
I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of others. I want to continue UD’s tradition to learn, lead and serve by volunteering in 2020. I love the opportunities my alumni community offers me to volunteer, so I’m hoping to help those in need locally with other alums. There are plenty of ways to volunteer through the University!

Hold open more doors
It always strikes me when I visit campus how friendly everyone is. Being in a fast-paced city like New York, it’s easy for me to stay focused on getting from point A to point B. This year, I want to hold open more doors. While it slows me down for a few seconds, I know it helps me acknowledge the people around me. And in a busy city — or a busy campus — those moments can make someone’s day!

Read more books
I definitely read a lot, but it’s usually for work. As an English major at UD, I often had the same plight: so many books to read for class, not enough time to read for fun! That changed when I became an inaugural member of the Berry Summer Thesis Institute. I was able to work with my advisor, Dr. Tom Morgan, to design a thesis project that allowed me to explore my passion for children’s literature, and that project directly led me to a career in book publishing. In the new year, I want to read for pleasure as much as I can! 

Give what I can
I’m only a few years out of school, but I can already see how UD has shaped my life. Between the friendships I made and the inside look I had at the university as student body president, I see the good things that come from the investment made by alums. We directly impact current students. When I think about where I can give this year, UD is at the top of my list. 

Build my community
I’ve loved being a part of the New York Metro Alumni Community. It was huge to have a group I already belong to when I came to a new city. This year, I want to take advantage of those connections — go to more events, volunteer my time and be a welcoming presence to Flyers who are new to the area. 

Try new recipes
Back at UD, my roommates and I squeezed six girls into 20 Lawnview, a house with a great location but very little counter space in the kitchen. Even so, we had Friday night family dinners where we would take turns making a meal to share with the house. Looking back, the recipes I tried then were even more adventurous than some of the ones currently in my repertoire. This year, I’d like to try a few new recipes and share a meal with my current roommate. 

Update my resume
I realized it’s been awhile since I looked at my resume, so one goal I have is to make sure it’s up to date! I worked at UD Career Services. They give great feedback to students and alums, so I’ll be sure to send it their way once I’ve worked through it. I love working in publishing, but I’ll always miss my job at Career Services — the people there are great, and I love any excuse to chat with them again. 

I love UD and love how it’s still shaping my goals even though I’m no longer on campus. What are your resolutions for 2020?

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