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Flyers for Life

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Campus and Community June 01, 2020
Peer-to-Peer and Flyer-to-Flyer
As a peer-to-peer ambassador, I serve as a link between UD alumni and what is happening on campus.
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Campus and Community March 27, 2020
Mentoring: Our duty to future Flyers
Earlier alums should always help the next generation.
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Campus and Community December 18, 2019
Resolutions for a Flyer new year
As I think about the new year, UD is shaping my resolutions.
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Campus and Community November 21, 2019
Presenting to Flyers feels like coming home
ALC was an opportunity not only for students to connect with alumni but also for alums to get insight on new campus programs.
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Engineering October 28, 2019
Mother Teresa's influence continues to inspire UD engineers

During my time at UD, I started to question if I was being called to serve as Mother Teresa did but with an engineering degree.  

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Campus and Community June 26, 2019
Recharging and reconnecting at Reunion Weekend
I am thrilled to have returned to a University brimming with life and momentum.
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Giving June 17, 2019
Paving paths for student success
The University of Dayton is the reason I have been somewhat successful in my life. Success, however, does not occur in a vacuum — it takes help from others.
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Giving May 08, 2019
Giving day showed what Flyers do best
As a Flyer family, giving day gave us another chance to show our pride and support UD, to participate in the community we know and love.
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Continuing Education March 26, 2019
Alumni connect over encore careers
I was a music major at UD, and I continue to use the skills I learned no matter how many times I reinvent myself.
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Campus and Community February 05, 2019
A Flyer love story
During my second year at UD, I met a girl named Rachel, and you could say the rest is history.
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