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Hanley Sustainability Institute

Zero Waste Events


The University of Dayton and the Hanley Sustainability Institute Zero Waste Team collaborate to host a variety of sustainable on campus events. A zero waste event is one in which at least 90% of its waste is diverted from landfills. This means ordering recyclable and compostable products from catering sources, ensuring proper amounts of food to limit food waste and providing appropriate waste receptacles. At zero waste events, the team supports educational materials and resources to aid in the waste collection process. Individuals come up to a waste station and are directed to place materials in the landfill, recycling or composting collection. The waste is then weighed and communicated to the campus partner to measure success.

Ways to engage

Current events supported by the zero waste team are Culture Fest, Faculty Staff Picini, OneDay One Dayton and Earthfest. Contact us if you're interested in volunteering or having your event be zero waste.


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