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Military Science

ROTC scholarships are here to help you do your best.


ms-03-2019UD ROTC promotes leadership development by actively recruiting, retaining, and training qualified Cadets focused on scholars, athletes, and leaders for commissioning in the Active, Reserve, and National Guard components of the United States Army. The Army ROTC is dedicated to developing the sense of service to the nation.


ROTC is not an enlistment.  It is the process of forming tomorrow's leaders by assisting students with their degree completion and teaching them leadership.

Students join the ROTC program, take one elective each semester, and receive their commission as an officer in the Active Army or Reserve Forces when they graduate.  Students may enroll in our program while attending classes at the University of Dayton and possible nearby community colleges..

There are only three primary routes to earning the title of Army officer: graduation from a military academy, selection for Officer Candidate School from the enlisted force, or completion of the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) program.  ROTC provides about two thirds of the commissioned officer corps.

The benefit of the ROTC program is that students fulfill the requirements to become an officer while attending a college or university and completing a Bachelors (or higher) degree.  The ROTC program fits into the college coursework much like an academic minor. Students attend a weekly lecture and lab, as well as participate in physical fitness training. Furthermore, ROTC provides academic scholarships to students on a competitive basis.



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