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University Nominating & Recruitment Committee (UNRC)

University Nominating and Recruitment Committee (UNRC)

The UNRC was created by Academic Senate Document 2009-01 to facilitate a process by which faculty representatives interested and qualified to serve on various University-wide committees are identified through an open process of self and peer nomination. Faculty participation on ad hoc and standing University committees is critical in shaping the direction and strategy of the University and is one mechanism for faculty participation in shared governance. The process for employing the function of the UNRC is outlined here. Those interested in using the UNRC to identify faculty to serve on University-wide committees should complete the UNRC Request for Nominees Form.

Individuals who wish to self-nominate for an open call for nominees will complete the Nominee Information and Acceptance Form. Upon submission of this form, nominees will receive an email response thanking them for their willingness to serve and stating that the final selections will be announced by the party requesting the nominations.

To nominate a peer for an open call for nominees, complete the Peer Nomination Form.