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Senate Membership

Senate Membership

Academic Senate
The Academic Senate is the representative body responsible for academic and educational policies of the University of Dayton having significant, university-wide impact. Its membership includes faculty, administrators, and students. 

Executive Committee of the Academic Senate (ECAS)
The term of office on the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate (ECAS) is two years, except for student representatives who serve one year and also cases noted below where the individual elected will be completing the remainder of a term.  ECAS usually meets once per week.  Like all Senators, ECAS members will attend one Academic Senate meeting per month and one-to-two meetings per month for the subcommittee to which they are assigned. 

Three Academic Senate standing committees are:
Academic Policies Committee (APC)
Work may entail consideration of degree requirements, standards for development of curriculum program evaluations and curricular options. 

Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC)
Work may entail consideration of the faculty grievance process, standards of evaluation, sabbaticals, professional development, research and promotions. 

Student Academic Policies Committee (SAPC)
Work may entail consideration of grading, attendance, examinations, cheating, plagiarism and grievance policies.

University Nominating and Recruitment Committee (UNRC)
Responsible for identifying faculty who are eligible and interested in serving on University-wide committees, nominating faculty to fill open faculty-designated positions in the event of a vacancy, and managing the collection of self-nominations.