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Forever Flyers

The Flyer Cup

What started as a golf outing among friends has become a way for these UD alumni to support current students. They called their annual outing the “Flyer Cup,” and they established a scholarship to show their appreciation to UD for bringing them together.

Swinging Success

Golf isn’t usually thought of as a team sport, but the game draws together Flyer alumni annually to raise money for future University of Dayton students.

Single set of open quotes

It's great to know that our donations are going to support students that are working really hard and they have very bright futures.

Jason Capone '07

Alumni Making an Impact

Like the group who created The Flyer Cup Scholarship, many alumni and friends make an impact at UD by sharing their resources, be it money, time or talent.

Supported Students

Almost every student at UD receives financial assistance and many receive donor-funded scholarships. Explore some student stories to see what they have accomplished at UD.