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Taking Flight

Flyers Prepare to Make a Difference

At UD, you’ll leave the classroom and enter the world’s workshop. Through hands-on learning, you’ll gain important knowledge and skills – while also developing a critical mind and a compassionate heart.

${ Benjamin Bitner in Taiwan }

From Research to Real World

Junior Benjamin Bitner's research paper on the perception of LGTBQ+ people in mainland China led the accounting major to a summer of study in Taiwan.

Flyers In Action

Fulfilling a Dream

Myanah Keys ’23 was named one of Dayton’s “5 Under 25 young innovators” by the Dayton Business Journal and was recently one of 10 students nationwide to receive a grant for pediatric oncology research.

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Using Engineering to Help Others

At UD, Marty Kilbane was part of a research team that applied engineering knowledge, tools and analyses to clinical problems. The success of his research gave him a sense of purpose and drove him to continue his research in graduate school.

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Life Lessons from London

Flyers are known for going the extra mile. Last year, Abby Ruzevich went an extra 3,910 — and spent the summer studying and interning in London, England.

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${ Bridget Gerber }

Finding Community

Bridget Gerber has participated in hands-on experience, research and an internship — all before her sophomore year. The mechanical engineering major continues to thrive in UD's supportive, community-oriented culture.

Flyers Thrive at UD

Research for the Common Good

Can we develop better antiviral treatments for the flu? Juliano Aquilino ’23 conducted research to visualize a protein within influenza that could be used to develop next generation antivirals.

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College is More Than Classes

From conferences to theatre productions, Anna Kopsick has pursued her interests and engaged in real-world experiences that have enhanced her education — and her life.

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A Multifaceted Education

At UD, you can pursue multiple interests. Just ask Gabe ’23, an engineering major who won a music competition.

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