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Taking Flight

At UD, you’ll leave the classroom and enter the world’s workshop. Through hands-on learning, you’ll gain important knowledge and skills – while also developing a critical mind and a compassionate heart.


Flyers in Action

  • Helping Others
  • Learning by Doing
  • Composing a Bright Future
  • Using Engineering to Help Others

    At UD, Marty Kilbane was part of a research team that applied engineering knowledge, tools and analyses to clinical problems. The success of his research gave him a sense of purpose and drove him to continue his research in graduate school.

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    College is More Than Classes

    No matter what major — or majors! — you pursue, at UD, you'll be challenged to open yourself to the world and learn from firsthand experience. And when graduation arrives, you're not entering the real world for the first time. You're already part of it, fully prepared for your career and your future life.

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    A Multifaceted Education

    At UD, you can pursue multiple interests. Just ask Gabe ’23, an engineering major who won a music competition.

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    Flyers Thrive at UD

  • A Personalized Education
  • A Caring Community
  • An Opportunity to Make an Impact
  • Finding My Own Path

    At UD, you'll be challenged to open yourself to the world and learn from firsthand experience. Through hands-on learning opportunities at IACT, Amari Spears discovered innovative ways to use his degree.

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    This One's For You, Momma

    Senior year of college can be a challenge, but few face a year like Mara Shaneyfelt encountered. With determination and the support of her professors, she persevered and gave her mom one last gift.

    A New Use for Plastic Waste

    Peter Fabe wants to turn plastic waste on campus into sustainable material for 3D printing. He is working to develop a 3D printer that can use granulated plastic sourced from campus waste such as recyclable utensils.

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