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Campaign Priority

Academic Excellence and Innovation

We Say Yes

Our students bring bold ideas to the table, and we want to turn more of those ideas into research, initiatives and solutions. And they graduate prepared for the next chapter of their lives, as shown by recent graduates — 98 percent were employed, pursuing a graduate degree or partaking in a serving program after graduating.

A priority of our campaign is to continue enabling UD to attract and retain exceptional faculty and develop innovative programs that enrich the student experience, setting Flyers up for success. With your support, we can invest in people and programs who will — like our Blessed Mother Mary — say yes to ideas that positively impact the world.

Innovation in Action

${ Kim Bigelow }

Hiring Fantastic Faculty

A side effect of the Great Recession was an opportunity for the University of Dayton. Of the 50 or so full-time faculty members hired from 2008 to 2010 and still at UD, more than half are serving or have served in positions of leadership

Single set of open quotes

"I hope my gift helps elevate the technological edge of the UD School of Engineering."

Greg Stevens '93

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Unconventional Test Lab

In the GEMnasium, students learn from each other and their unique perspectives as they develop creative confidence and new ways of thinking about complex problems.

No. 1

Catholic university in engineering research and development.


endowed chairs serve as leaders for innovative research, teaching and learning.


of graduates employed, pursuing a graduate degree or partaking in a serving program after graduating.