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Testing Center FAQ

Student FAQ

You will need to complete the Accommodations Request Process and be approved before you can receive testing accommodations.

  • If you are approved for accommodations, accommodation letters will be generated through your account in AIM.
  • The letters list your approved accommodations and serve as notification to your instructors.
  • You will use AIM to select which approved accommodations you want to use for each class and those accommodations will be listed on your accommodation letter for that class. 
  • You can choose to have the letters emailed directly to your instructors or you can print and hand-deliver them.

Follow the process as outlined under Alternative Testing Guidelines.

Follow the process as outlined under Alternative Testing Guidelines.

  • You must modify your test request through AIM and get pre-approval in writing from your professor as well as approval from OLR Disability Staff for the changes.
  • While OLR staff will make every effort to accommodate rescheduled tests, advanced notice is required in order to ensure space and staff coverage.
  • If OLR cannot address your reschedule request, you can make arrangements to take the test with your faculty at the rescheduled date and time.
  • Canceling and rescheduling of tests must be completed through AIM.

  • Neither OLR or faculty is obligated to provide accommodations if the student fails to make a request within the established.
  • OLR evaluates late requests on a case by case basis. If OLR is unable to accommodate the late request, the student is expected to take the test with their class or make other arrangements with the faculty.

  • OLR does not administer standardized tests.


Accommodations are designed to be a collaboration between the instructor and the student. In some cases, the instructor can provide the testing accommodations while in other cases the instructor needs the support of the OLR Testing Center.  If student(s) are concerned about how their instructor is addressing their testing accommodations, please contact OLR for help in resolving these issues. 

Faculty & Staff FAQ

  1. Please go to (and bookmark)
    • Note: Two-factor authentication is required
  2. Once logged in, click on “View Student Accommodations” to see a list of students who have requested to use their approved accommodations in your course(s).

The following describes the emails that you may receive regarding students with testing accommodations.

  • Faculty Notification Letter” - Each semester, you receive this when a student requests to use their approved accommodations in your course. For testing accommodations, this email will contain a link for you to complete your OLR Testing Instructions in AIM. Please complete your OLR Testing Instructions as soon as possible, so they are in place when the student requests to take an exam in the Testing Center.
  • Action Needed - Testing Accommodations Requested, Please Complete Testing Agreement" - If a student requests to take your exam in the Testing Center, and you have NOT completed the OLR Testing Instructions in AIM, this email is a reminder to log in to AIM and complete your instructions.
  • “New Exam Request” - When a student requests to take a specific exam in the Testing Center, this email requests you to upload the exam into AIM.
  • “OLR Testing Reminder [course]” - if we have not received the exam from you as the date of an exam draws near, you will receive this reminder.

  • If your course has no exams or you prefer to provide testing accommodations yourself, please specify this in AIM under Alternative Testing in the Proctoring Your Own Exam section.

You will not receive any more testing emails for that semester.

NOTE: Please ensure that you can provide all approved testing accommodations for your students, such as technology accommodations, distraction-reduced environment, etc.

Click on the link in the “New Exam Request” or “OLR Testing Reminder [course]” email you received from Or login to and upload the test there.

  1. Go to AIM at
  2. In AIM, under Views and Tools, click Alternative Testing.
  3. In the list of exam requests, click the checkbox next to the students for whom you want to upload the exam. 
  4. Ensure that STEP 1 - Select Action is set to Upload File to Exam(s).
  5. Click Confirm Selections and follow the on-screen instructions. 
  6. Repeat for additional files and/or students.
  7. To replace or delete an uploaded exam, click on the link in the Status column of the list of Test Requests. 

The OLR Testing center can accommodate students with disabilities who require specialized accommodations such as screen readers, scribes (writers), adaptive equipment, interpreters for the hearing impaired, or specialized computer software to access information and complete tests.

  • OLR will deliver completed tests to the corresponding Department or Dean's office.
  • Tests are delivered daily—once in the morning; once in the afternoon. If your student tests earlier in the morning, it is more likely that you will receive the completed test that same day. Tests occurring later in the afternoon are more likely to be delivered the following morning.

NOTE: We are NOT able to scan and email completed tests or hold them for pickup.

  • All tests are maintained in a locked file with limited access.
  • No copy or master is permanently kept on file in OLR.

Accommodations are designed to be a collaboration between the instructor and the student, and at times OLR.  In some cases, the instructor can provide the testing accommodations while in other cases the instructor needs the support of the OLR Testing Center.  However, the student’s preference, for how to best address their needs even if this is not the preference of the instructor, must be considered. In cases where the student and instructors disagree on how to implement accommodations, the Office of Civil Rights and the Department of Education have deferred to the “autonomy and expertise of those involved in the process of accommodation” to make this decision.  If there are concerns, instructors are welcome to reach out to OLR for additional discussion and assistance.


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