Learners come in all shapes and sizes.

Understanding your goals and knowing how you learn best can help you make good learning choices as you move through your college career and beyond.  The resources described on this website can help you learn more about yourself as a learner, develop or strengthen the skills you will need as you encounter more and more complex material, and make choices that are appropriate for yourself in any learning setting. So go ahead, dig in!

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College isn’t about fitting in.

College is about finding a community of people who will challenge you, and be challenged by you. During your time at the University of Dayton, you'll make choices that will shape the rest of your career as a student and as an individual.

Our Learning Programs provide you with great ways to shape your experience at the University of Dayton. These programs promote resources and curriculum that make transitioning to the University of Dayton meaningful and impactful. We know that success is defined differently from student to student. While the services offered by the Office of Learning Resources are primarily academic, we structure our programs so that you are given opportunities to adjust to the University of Dayton socially, as well as academically.

Our ultimate goal is to empower you to persist to graduation and accomplish your goals.

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