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Education Innovation

Our Partnership with Centerville Schools

IACT began a three-year partnership in education innovation with Centerville City Schools in September of 2017. In the first year , nearly 300 Centerville educators from preschool through high school began the process of examining their beliefs about what, how and why they teach in an effort to enhance students’ future academic growth, their success in the work force and their daily living.

Authentic challenges were made visible through a series of labs and conversations at IACT and Centerville throughout Year 1 and were brought to the table in the summer of 2018 through IACT's Collaboration Accelerator program. The 9 UD students were teamed with 14 Centerville City Schools teachers across the district who helped provide insight and guidance to the final challenge deliverables: potential prototypes that could be adapted for use in Centerville City Schools.

The second year of the partnership is now in full swing, as the partnership moves from an IACT-directed process to a shared initiative in year 2 and will transition to becoming a teacher-driven initiative by the end of the 2018-19 school year. The goal is to give all teachers and administrators the opportunity to play a part in this initiative, in order to be able to move the work that was done within the past year and summer toward reality and to continue the excellence of Centerville City Schools now and in the future.



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