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Certificate in Applied Creativity for Transformation

First in the nation.

*This information is for students already enrolled in our certificate program. New to IACT? Check out our micro-credentialing opportunities >> 

The Institute of Applied Creativity for Transformation (IACT) is an academic institute training students in the creative competencies that today’s job market demands, — critical thinking, complex problem solving and cross-disciplinary collaboration. Students training in the institute continue to study in their disciplinary field while developing their own personal Drive: a vocational map that actionizes a student’s own Passion, Purpose and Possibility. The Drive advising process is a guided examination of how to best focus passion, purpose, and possibility into an actionable statement. As a result, students are better equipped with the tools to capitalize on their educational and lived experiences to contribute to the common good.

IACT is home to the nation’s first undergraduate certificate in Applied Creativity for Transformation. Open to undergraduate students of any major, the certificate program is sponsored by the School of Engineering and housed in the Institute of Applied Creativity for Transformation (IACT).

For graduating students looking to secure employment or admissions into graduate school and continuing students pursuing an internship, co-op or study abroad opportunity, the undergraduate certificate in Applied Creativity for Transformation becomes an immediate separator in the application and interview process due to the collaborative skill set that is fostered to work across any field of study and practice.

The Process for Earning the Certificate

→ 13 Credit Hours Total


ACT I (UDI 371) - 1 credit, Fall
ACT II (UDI 372) - 1 credit, Spring
Drive Mentoring Session - 1 in Fall, 2 in Spring
IACT Course Descriptions >>

Declaring Candidacy for the Certificate in Applied Creativity for Transformation
(middle of fall semester)

  • Positive progress and authentic curiosity during ACT I
  • Certificate intro meeting or face to face with IACT Executive Director


Electives to be completed by end of Academic Year 2 (can be completed during Year 1 or Year 2 of Certificate process):
EGR 103* (2 credits) or EGR 105 (3 credits, CAP Inquiry Elective) Engineering Innovation - Fall or Spring
SSC 200 Social Science Integrated* - 3 credits, Fall or Spring (Requirement for All Students)
Drive Mentoring Session - 1 in Fall, 2 in Spring

Continuing Candidacy Towards Certificate Completion

  • Encouraged enrollment in UDI 373 Design Your Life or UDI 374/375 GEMnasium: Accelerator course(s)
  • Continued Drive Advising

*If not already taken. The academic advising approach of the certificate allows students to complete the certificate without additional coursework beyond the ACT mini courses. SSC 200 is a requirement of all students and EGR 103 and the CAP Pivot Elective also fulfill CAP requirements. SSC 200 and the CAP Pivot Elective should be taken in consultation with IACT Executive Director.


ACT III (UDI 471) - 1 credit, Fall
ACT IV (UDI 472) - 1 credit, Spring
Pivot Elective - 3 credits, Fall or Spring  (Course will fulfill disciplinary elective need and certificate elective need)
Drive Mentoring Sessions - 1 In Fall, 1 in Spring

Completion of Certificate

  • Collaborative Collision Development
  • Regional Collision Field Testing
  • Culminating Collision Deliverabe
  • Solidifying Drive Model (By Fall of Year 3 must be able to answer: ____ drives me.)

In the two-part cornerstone of ACT III and IV, students put the applied creativity mindset into action with purpose-based and problem-based learning that cultivates marketable ideas and/or experiences to address societal issues across academic disciplines.

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