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IACT Fellows

Creativity Across the Curriculum Fellowship Program

The IACT team is proud to announce our third annual Creativity Across the Curriculum Fellowship Program for 2019-20. This transdisciplinary cohort of faculty and staff designs the curriculum for our ACT I course in the fall, and will explore ways to integrate applied creativity in their own work throughout the upcoming academic year.

2019-20 Fellows
Anya Galli Robertson


College of Arts and Sciences

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Eric Janz


School of Engineering

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Jon Linderman

Health and Sports Science

School of Education and Health Sciences
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Mackenzie Morin


Advancement Relations
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Zachary Sanford

Health and Sports Science

School of Education and Health Sciences
Donnell Wiggins


Enrollment Management
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2018-19 IACT Fellows


Matthew Worsham (Sustainability and Energy, Facilities Management), Jackie Arnold (Teacher Education School of Education and Health Sciences), Art Jipson (Sociology, College of Arts and Sciences), Peter Titlebaum (Health and Sports Sciences, School of Education and Health Sciences), Liz Eichler (Managment and Marketing, School of Business Administration), Sandy Furterer (Engineering Management, School of Engineering), Will Coleman (Admissions and Financial Aid, Enrollment Management), Jana Bennett (Religious Studies, College of Arts and Sciences), and Treavor Bogard (Teacher Education, School of Education and Health Sciences).

2017-18 IACT Fellows (Inaugural Cohort)


Emily Fehrman Cory (Entrepreneurship and Innovation, School of Engineering), David Perkins (Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering), Sidaard Gunasekaran (Aerospace Engineering, School of Engineering), Maria Burkett (Honors Program, Academic Affairs and Learning Initiatives), Rebecca Blust (Innovation Center, School of Engineering), Margie Pinnell (Office of the Dean, School of Engineering)Anne Crecelius (Health and Sport Science, School of Education and Health Sciences), and Jerome Yorke (Theatre, Dance, and Performance Technology, College of Arts and Sciences).


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