Health Care Plans

Quality health care coverage for our employees is a priority at the University of Dayton. This commitment to providing quality coverage is balanced by our concern for maintaining costs at a reasonable level. We have worked hard to ensure that both of these priorities are met.

Your Health Care Plan Options
The University provides you with the choice and flexibility to choose a health care plan that best meets the needs of you and your family. That’s why we are offering two Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans.

How Your Health Care Plan Options Work
Both health care plan options are Preferred Provider Organizations (or PPOs). The Core and Advantage plans differ in the amount of coverage they provide. Here’s how they work:

  • You may choose to receive care from any qualified provider, but the plan pays a higher level of coverage if you use network doctors or hospitals. That’s because network doctors and hospitals have agreed to charge discounted fees in return for the plan’s participants using their services.
  • You can use providers who are not in the plan’s network, but you pay a deductible and your share of the expenses is greater because providers outside the network have not agreed to charge discounted fees.

Check Out Your Access to LiveHealth Online:

  • Click on the LiveHealth Online link for access.  Account set-up and userguide information is listed below.
  • Watch this informative video about the benefits of LiveHealth Online.

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