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Dental Plan

You will receive your dental coverage through Superior Dental Care, a local dental plan company.  The plan provides coverage for a wide range of services – from oral examinations and x-rays to extractions and orthodontia for children.

How the Plan Works:
  • No deductible – the plan pays first dollar on claims.
  • No claim forms – simply present your membership card at the time of service.
  • No balance billing – you are only responsible for your coinsurance based on a percentage of the dentist’s charge.
  • Orthodontic maximum – lifetime maximum is $1,000 and is not offset by benefits paid by any previous plan.
  • SMILERIDER is a supplemental cosmetic rider that provides a 15% discount for elective cosmetic services such as teeth whitening, veneers, bonding, and porcelain facings. SMILERIDER dentists are identified by a smiley face in the directory of providers.
  • EyeMed Vision Care (this is a separate discount plan included with your dental plan) provides discounts on examinations and materials at unlimited frequencies. Available at Lenscrafters and Optique locations as well as many optician offices (for more information please call (877) 226-1115). 

Wellness Program

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