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Credit Balance Refunds/eRefunding

Credit Balance Refunds/eRefunding


Refund Processing

Refunds are Issued for Excess Funds from:

Federal Direct subsidized/unsubsidized loans
Federal Direct PLUS (parent loans for undergraduate students)
Federal Direct PLUS for graduate/professional students
Alternative student loans
Other financial aid awards

Refunds are disbursed in compliance with federal regulations.  Credit balances resulting from loans or financial aid awards are available for refunding beginning the first day of the semester.





Refund Processing

Refunds of student account credits are processed automatically -- students do not need to contact Flyer Student Services/Student Accounts to request that a refund be processed.

Refunds for students with federal student aid (FSA) credit balances are processed within 14 days of the date the credit balance was created, per federal regulation.  A FSA credit balance is defined as a credit balance where the total federal funds on an account are greater than the total tuition and eligible fees. Federal (Title IV) funds include Direct loans, Parent PLUS loans, and federal grants.

FSA vs. Non-FSA
FSA Credit Balance Example Non-FSA Credit Balance Example
Tuition $21,450 Tuition $21,450
Federal Aid $22,000 Federal Aid $16,000
FSA Credit ($550) Scholarship $6,000
Non-FSA Credit ($550)

Refunds for students with non-FSA credit balances are not required to be processed within 14 days but are processed automatically on an ongoing basis throughout the semester.

When a refund is processed, notification will be sent to the student's University of Dayton email address. Students should keep in mind that changes to their account that occur after a refund is processed (schedule additions, housing/meal plan changes financial aid adjustments, etc.) may result in a balance due to the University.

Some charges, such as health center charges, late payment fees, and interest changes, cannot be paid with federal (Title IV) funds without prior authorization.  See   Title IV Federal Student Aid Authorization  for information on how to grant authorization. Therefore, students and authorized users should verify whether any balance remains on the account and, if so, submit payment by due date to avoid account holds and/or late payment fees.

All first-time borrowers at the University of Dayton are required to complete an ENTRANCE INTERVIEW. You may satisfy this federal requirement at:

Federal regulations prohibit the University of Dayton from crediting your loan proceeds to your student account until this requirement has been met.

Please make sure you have completed all necessary requirements to allow these funds to be disbursed into your student account. For federal loans, you can check your financial aid status for missing requirements in the Flyer Student Services tab.  For alternative loans, you will need to check with the lender.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

PLUS Loans

Refunds are issued to parent PLUS loan borrowers when the PLUS loan disbursement results in an FSA overpayment of the student account (as described in the above section). If a balance is owed on the account at the time of the PLUS loan disbursement, no refund will be issued to the PLUS loan borrower. If the account enters into a credit balance at a later date due to additional payments or credits, the resulting refund will be issued to the student rather than to the PLUS loan borrower. Students will receive all credit balances unless the fund that created the credit balance was the Parent PLUS loan, in which case, that credit balance would be given to the parent. The University ERP system will automatically indicate which funds created the credit balance.

Refund Delivery

If you are enrolled in Electronic Refunds (direct deposit) through 'My Payment Center' the refund will be deposited into the bank account you have selected. Refunds transmitted via direct deposit are generally available 1-2 business days after the date you are notified of the refund.

Refund checks will be produced for students not enrolled in direct deposit.  Refund checks are mailed directly from the printer and are mailed to the permanent home address on record.

Refunds of Parent PLUS loans are automatically mailed to the borrower's home address.

Direct Deposit

Students should sign up for direct deposit of refunds.  Otherwise, checks will be mailed to the permanent address on file.  Check/cash refunds are not available in person.

  • To enroll, log in to Porches and click the Flyer Student Services tab.  In the Quick Links section, click Payments and then choose 'My Payment Center'.  Once in the payment center, select the 'eRefunds' tab to set up your direct deposit account.

Refunds of Student Account Charges

Refunds of student account charges are issued in accordance with the University policy outlined at Refunds for Student Withdrawal Policy.  The refund schedules are available at Refunds for Withdrawal (Partial or Complete).

Students considering a withdrawal are encouraged to review the policy and refund schedule to ensure they understand the financial implications.  Students utilizing financial aid are also encourage to review the financial aid withdrawal policies.


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