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Energy & Sustainability

Green and Growing

A campus pilot garden and multiple native pollinator-friendly plantings support campus sustainability. In the garden, students learn gardening techniques and principles of community resilience while contributing to small scale vegetable production. The 7-acre solar prairie and several pocket prairies across campus showcase UD's efforts to support healthy ecosystems and provide campus-based internships and research opportunities. 


Campus Garden

A pilot garden on the grounds of Old River Park provides hands-on learning opportunities for students, faculty, and staff less than a mile from Main Campus. A harvest of vegetables, herbs, and berries are shared with catering and campus wellness programs. For a tour of the garden for your campus group or to join the gardening efforts, complete this Join Us form

Try some of our garden produce at the UD Farmer’s Market.  The garden team harvested approximately 1000 lbs of produce in 2020. The 2021 harvest will be available at the fall Farmer's Market. 


Join Us in the Garden
Supporting Ecosystems

The solar prairie at Curran Place serves as a hands-on laboratory and studio space for students honing skills in renewable energy, engineering, environmental biology, art, and other disciplines. It also visibly demonstrates UD's commitment to caring for our common home. With over 80 plant species native to Ohio, the prairie provides important habitat for pollinators while promoting efficient renewable energy generation from the solar panels. 

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