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Connecting Generations & Cultures

Connecting Generations & Cultures

A Talent Bank & Clearing House

Learn • Socialize • Serve 

With age comes experience and wisdom that is priceless when shared with others.

The UDOLLI Connecting Generations & Cultures (CGC) initiative is a Talent Bank & Clearing House that connects interested UDOLLI members who want to share their expertise and experience with community organizations in the Miami Valley.

Share Your Talents with a Wider Community

UDOLLI has a wealth of vibrant, highly educated, experienced, and talented members. We put your talents to work by connecting you to organizations who need your help carrying out their mission. As members of our program, many of you are ready to share your decades of professional knowledge, experience, and wisdom with those who can benefit. You may be a senior, but you’re not done yet! You can share your years of professional experience and wisdom to make our community a better place.

Connecting You as a CGC Professional

It’s simple to get started. First, sign up to participate as a CGC Professional. Then, as we receive requests for UDOLLI talent, we email you with opportunities to get involved. You’ll learn about the organization, decide if you’re interested, and then you reach out to them directly.  You’re on your way to a new adventure.

Your connection could be for a single project or an ongoing program. You could share your ideas during a creative planning session or work with the organization on a regular basis to carry on their mission. There may be several of your fellow UDOLLI members involved in the same activity, or it might be just you. Whatever project or organization you get involved with, you will meet new friends and perhaps build life-long relationships. You may even find that a connection can be life changing. 

NOTE: UDOLLI members involved with any Connecting Generations & Cultures project understand and accept that they represent the University of Dayton’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute and must adhere to all rules and regulations that may apply to the University and our program. 

Connecting Criteria for Community Organizations

The CGC initiative reaches out to various community groups, and many have reached out to us. We connect to organizations that meet any one of these criteria:

  • It is educational, cultural, civic, social, governmental, inter-generational
  • Our members and the organization’s members can contribute to and benefit from the connection experience

We carefully review every idea to ensure it fits within UDOLLI’s mission and the objectives of the Connecting Generations & Cultures initiative. Our Executive Director makes all final decisions.

Let us know of any organizations you feel would make a good connection with our program. NOTE: A recommendation is not a guarantee we will make a connection.

Some of Our Connected Partners

The following list includes some of the organizations we have connected with since the inception of CGC in 2013. With some of our connections, members have been deeply involved working on a variety of projects, and with others we are just getting started. The connection may currently be active or inactive. Our members have contributed their expertise in a variety of ways: teaching, mentoring, donating, doing research, facilitating deliberation discussions, and facilitating creative and strategic planning sessions along with a host of other activities they did during their career.

  • National Issues Forums Institute (Kettering Foundation)
  • Mound Street Academies
  • Miracle Clubhouse (Miami Valley Goodwill Easter Seals)
  • Ohio Law Enforcement Association
  • UD Center for International Programs
  • UD Center for Human Rights
  • UD Alumni Mentoring
  • The Collaboratory
  • The Dayton Foundation Del Mar Encore Program
  • Discovery Lab Global
  • Village to Village Network
  • Miami Valley FoodBank
  • Hillel Academy
  • Miami Valley Works

Application for CGC Professional Volunteer

Your professional knowledge and experience is invaluable to community organizations. Let’s put it to use.


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