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Being a UDOLLI Member

Becoming a Member of UDOLLI is Easy

Once you register for a seminar, you automatically become a UDOLLI Participating Member for the current academic year. The term of membership conforms to the University of Dayton academic calendar, beginning in September and ending in June. Registering for seminars is simple and convenient. Visit our registration page for more information.

We are part of the University of Dayton Special Programs and Continuing Education, under the direction of Julie Mitchell, which sponsors lifelong learning programs and professional development. Founded in 1994 as the University of Dayton Institute for Learning in Retirement, we have grown from the original 98 members to more than 1900 members.

Be a Friend or Become a Life Member of UDOLLI

Friends of the Institute are individuals donating $80 or more each year to support UDOLLI’s goals. Life Members are individuals making a one-time donation of $2,000 or more. Distinguished Service Life Members are individuals giving UDOLLI extraordinary service. Life and Distinguished Members may attend seminars at no cost.

Member Benefits

As a UDOLLI member, you are invited to participate in UDOLLI activities and related Continuing Education sponsored events—Duane W. Chapman Senior Symposium, Senior Fellows graduate/undergraduate audit program, New Horizons Band, Elderhostel and University programs.

As a UD community member, you are invited to participate in UD sponsored activities - lectures, recitals, art and cultural events and enjoy campus privileges such as, use of the faculty Barrett Dining Room, Roesch Library and RecPlex (membership fee required). You are welcome to shop the UD Bookstore and eat at the campus coffee bars or ArtStreet Café. For identification, you'll use your name badge received at your first seminar.

Your UDOLLI name badge gives you access to:

  1. University of Dayton Libraries
  2. Barrett faculty dining room in Kennedy Union
  3. RecPlex (membership fee required)
  4. UD Bookstore
  5. ArtStreet Cafe
  6. Travel with UD faculty. Call 937-229-2347 for more information.



Special Programs and Continuing Education

300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 7011
Special Program and Continuing Education