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Let's Talk Human Rights

US Capitol Assault Demands Recommitment to Human Rights, Rule of Law and Democracy

The Human Rights Center joins our President, Eric Spina, in condemning in the strongest terms the assault on the US Capitol, those who incited it, and all attempts to undermine the core tenets of American democracy. As part of a Catholic, Marianist institution in the great state of Ohio, our commitment to the promotion of human rights for everyone rests firmly on moral, political and legal foundations.  

The non-violent resolution of disputes in accordance with the rule of law lies at the core of democracy. It is the only basis on which human dignity can flourish in peace. The system of democratic governance - where power is peacefully, lawfully and regularly transferred based on the will of the people - provides the greatest opportunity for the authentic realization of human rights - economic, social, cultural, political and civil - by every person, family and community on our common planet. 

The rapid decline of the United States and the world over the past years in global measures of positive peace, the rule of law and democracy should alarm us all. Yesterday’s unprecedented events reflect an appalling effort to further erode America’s democratic system, threatening our collective faith in its resilience and undermining its promise to forge a better future for all.

Each of us has the responsibility to engage in dialogue about our differences, reflect on our values, and choose actions that reinforce the democratic foundations of our society. We call on all Americans, especially those in positions of power, to reject violent extremism, white supremacy and dangerous rhetoric, and to hold all those responsible for the acts of domestic terrorism that we witnessed at our nation’s capital to account. Because we know that the deep-seated ideology that drove the assault in Washington will not soon recede, today, we recommit to ourselves to build a more equitable, democratic, peaceful and inclusive society centered on human dignity.

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