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President's Blog: From the Heart

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President November 26, 2019
Grateful Hearts
In my Thanksgiving message to the campus community, I express the gratitude written in my heart.
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President November 18, 2019
Raising the Bar — and Passing It

“You cannot predict the future, but you can create it,” management consultant Peter Drucker once wrote. Dean Andy Strauss and faculty in the School of Law are quietly reinventing legal education, abandoning what has long been a cookie-cutter approach to educating lawyers and teaching the law.

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President November 17, 2019
Community Means — and Requires —Everyone

What does our oft-stated commitment to community really mean? It’s as simple as respecting the dignity of all people, as defined by their identity, their background, and their beliefs.

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Faith/Mission November 11, 2019
We See You, Roger Brown

Roger Brown, one of the most gifted basketball players ever to put on a Flyer uniform, has been invisible at the University of Dayton. Until now.

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President November 04, 2019
Return on Investment

Dick Davis ’72 began preaching the value of real-world experiences for undergraduate students ages before “experiential learning” became hot. And what a payoff.

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President October 31, 2019
Happy 200th Birthday!

Walking through campus, I pass by statues of the mother of Jesus that stand as beacons of grace, strength, and faith. At twilight, I gaze upward at the illuminated Madonna and child image that adorns the side of Miriam Hall and feel peace and a sense of purpose.

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President October 30, 2019
Georgia on My Mind

Warner Robins, Georgia, sits 613 miles from Dayton, but after a quick trip there this week, it truly feels like it’s “just around the corner.”

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President October 21, 2019
Finding Your Path

They describe themselves as "a storyteller" and "a coach," but Dr. Westina Matthews Shatteen '70 '74 and Alan Shatteen '69 are trailblazers, too.

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President October 18, 2019
Full Circle

John, Shirley, and Chuck Berry didn’t graduate from the University of Dayton, but sometimes friends become a part of the family. They’ve just committed $5 million to create the new Berry Family Scholarship Program for honors students, the latest in a long line of generous gifts. What inspires them to support our students and programs with such joyous generosity?

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President October 10, 2019
UD Arena: Where We Fly Together

Stepping over cables and sidestepping ladders, I toured the University of Dayton Arena this week with Athletic Director Neil Sullivan, who predicts a victorious finish for the three-year, $76.2 million transformation.

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