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President's Blog: From the Heart

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President July 06, 2020
A New Playbook
“In medicine, we say if you hear hoof beats, it’s probably a horse, but sometimes it’s a zebra. And so we keep a little zebra file because we see interesting zebras, too,” observes Dr. Mary Buchwalder, University of Dayton medical director.
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President July 01, 2020
Morning Sun, Flicker of a Candle

A deer startled me, in a good way, when he peered into my home office window during the middle of the University’s first Zoom-based board of trustees’ meeting.

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President June 25, 2020
Return to Campus
"These are times, though, that call for a deeper kind of commitment to community. A commitment to caring for one another as brothers and sisters, as you would your own family." Listen to my video message to University of Dayton students as we prepare to return to campus in August.
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President June 22, 2020
Godspeed, Daria

In higher education, we’re used to saying “goodbye” to people we care about.

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President June 18, 2020
Inspiring Greatness

Is it any wonder that our students believe they can change the world? They’re walking in the footsteps of those who are doing just that.

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President May 30, 2020
May Love Light Our Path
In a letter to the campus community, I ask students, faculty and staff to "take a stand on the side of justice, on the side of dignity for all of God’s children."
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President May 28, 2020
Less dedicated filmmakers might have shelved their project in the midst of a pandemic, but not these media production students who finished editing "Dayton's Darkest Summer: The Rise From Tragedy" remotely and premiered it not in a theatre but in a Zoom room. In its first week, thousands viewed the powerful film.
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President May 14, 2020
The Path Forward

“We need to make a mutual commitment to one another and do what we can do to remain safe.” That was my message in letters to students, faculty, staff, and parents as well as a videotaped interview with leaders of the Student Government Association as we explore the feasibility of safely reopening in the fall.

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President May 10, 2020
Even Apart, We Are One
"We are ONE UD. We are one human community." That's the message I delivered at virtual spring degree conferral ceremonies for the Class of 2020. Even apart, we are one.
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President May 09, 2020
Look Upward — And Inward
I urged nearly 100 new lawyers to "look upward — and inward at what you’ve shown yourselves to be. Then take meaningful action that will shape your future and make the world more just for all" at a virtual law degree conferral ceremony May 9.
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