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President October 21, 2019
Finding Your Path

They describe themselves as "a storyteller" and "a coach," but Dr. Westina Matthews Shatteen '70 '74 and Alan Shatteen '69 are trailblazers, too.

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President October 18, 2019
Full Circle

John, Shirley, and Chuck Berry didn’t graduate from the University of Dayton, but sometimes friends become a part of the family. They’ve just committed $5 million to create the new Berry Family Scholarship Program for honors students, the latest in a long line of generous gifts. What inspires them to support our students and programs with such joyous generosity?

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President October 10, 2019
UD Arena: Where We Fly Together

Stepping over cables and sidestepping ladders, I toured the University of Dayton Arena this week with Athletic Director Neil Sullivan, who predicts a victorious finish for the three-year, $76.2 million transformation.

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President October 07, 2019
Think Before You Click

Information security is a huge issue on college campuses as data breaches grab the headlines too often. The University of Dayton is defending data from cyber attacks by taking three proactive approaches.

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President September 30, 2019
Expanding Opportunity

London Ayton stopped by academic adviser Judi Butts’ office and meticulously detailed for a visitor how he’s developing and testing 3-D printed prosthetic fingers as part of a research team. This is truly life changing — both for future patients and for a young researcher preparing for a promising career.

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President September 10, 2019
Collaboration — It's in Dayton's DNA

It’s no secret: Nothing in Dayton happens without collaboration. We are convinced that “collaboration” is hardwired in Dayton’s DNA — and is the driving force behind why great ideas, like the innovative Dayton Performing Arts Alliance or the ambitious Dayton Arcade transformation, take flight.

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Faculty and Staff September 05, 2019
Soaring High

Nothing quite catches your attention like the sight of a giant Hercules C-130 aircraft in the parking lot at Curran Place, home of the University of Dayton Research Institute. It’s a test lab for real-world, hands-on aerospace research, but it’s also symbolic of UDRI, which continues to spread its wings and soar higher and higher.

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President September 04, 2019
What is Your Calling?
It's a question for the final exam — and beyond. What is your calling?
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President September 03, 2019
Paying It Forward

If there’s an art in "paying it forward," Bill and Margie Klesse have perfected it.

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President August 26, 2019
Blessed Are the Peacemakers

More than half a century later John "Jack" Meagher '63 still carries the emotional scars from his tour of duty in Vietnam. In my conversations with the retired Montgomery County Common Pleas Court judge, I have felt his genuine respect for the sacrifices of veterans as he devotes his life to reconciliation, healing, and peacemaking.

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