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President's Blog: From the Heart

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President January 23, 2020
Building a Place for All

Hundreds of diverse voices beautifully blended together, slowly filling the Kennedy Union ballroom with the familiar refrain of "Lift Every Voice and Sing."

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President January 09, 2020
Ohio Reprograms Its Future

It’s no secret that some Ohio companies outsource programming and software engineering to other time zones around the world. That’s largely because they can’t find enough highly skilled professionals here.

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President December 24, 2019
The Miracle of Christmas
In my Christmas message to the Flyer family, I encourage us to open up our hearts to the miracle of the season.
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President December 20, 2019
Thank You, Dad
I have often been accused of being sentimental. In my defense, Italian Catholics are known to be a bit emotional. My eyes well up watching movies, dropping my kids off at college and thinking about what Karen means to me. I plead guilty, unapologetically.
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President December 18, 2019
The Greatest Gift — Our Flyer Selves

On a chilly, overcast Saturday in Mesa, Arizona, I only felt the warmth of the season when I joined 15 University of Dayton alumni and friends sorting clothes at Central Christian Church for the homeless and working poor as part of “Christmas off Campus.”

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President December 14, 2019
Serve First. Lead Second.
University of Dayton President Eric Spina shares words of advice from the Class of 2019 in his remarks at winter commencement.
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President December 10, 2019
A Glimpse of God

We take walking for granted, but graduating mechanical engineering students Ellen Lucchesi and Michael Fornadel will walk down the aisle at winter commencement with a much better appreciation for this simple act than most of us will ever have.

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President November 26, 2019
Grateful Hearts
In my Thanksgiving message to the campus community, I express the gratitude written in my heart.
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President November 18, 2019
Raising the Bar — and Passing It

“You cannot predict the future, but you can create it,” management consultant Peter Drucker once wrote. Dean Andy Strauss and faculty in the School of Law are quietly reinventing legal education, abandoning what has long been a cookie-cutter approach to educating lawyers and teaching the law.

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President November 17, 2019
Community Means — and Requires —Everyone

What does our oft-stated commitment to community really mean? It’s as simple as respecting the dignity of all people, as defined by their identity, their background, and their beliefs.

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