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By Megan McKelvey, Class of 2019

The Metanoia Retreat came at a time when I needed it most. With personal struggles adding up in my life, I was finding it difficult to open my heart to others. Everything changed after I witnessed the generosity people had to offer on Metanoia. I thought it would be like any other weekend retreat: I could escape the stress of school, rediscover my relationship with God, and make new friends. While all these things happened, Metanoia was more than I expected. I was challenged to face the problems I had been ignoring for so long. With the help of my small group, I opened my heart and began to heal.

Metanoia is a powerful experience for anyone wanting to have a change of heart. Whether you are looking for a
weekend away from school or creating deeper connections with other people, you can be sure to find it. I have witnessed Metanoia touch peoples’ hearts in different ways. Take a chance and see what it can do for you.

Metanoia takes place the weekend of Feb. 8-10. To register, visit Cost is $40 by January 25; the price increases to $50 after that date. Financial aid options are available upon request. If you have questions, email Mike Bennett at We hope to see you there!

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