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Marianist Mindfulness

By Mike Bennett Associate Director of Campus Ministry for Christian Leadership, Vocation and Retreats

Our Marianist Spirituality is shaped by the “System of Virtues” whose foundation rests upon becoming disciplined in what the founders called “the five silences” - silence of words, mind, imagination, passions, and signs. Often the language of silence can feel very negative, for example it’s easy to think that “silence of words” means learning how to shut our mouths,
however these dynamics call us to discern when to speak and when to listen, how to use our voice for good, and how to use the power of silence for good. The five silences encourage us to learn how to use our gifts with intentionality. Bringing these concepts and disciplines into our contemporary language and context could be considered “Marianist Mindfulness.”

January 6-11 (the last week of Christmas Break), Campus Ministry is offering a new, 5-day guided retreat that will provide
an opportunity for students to journey with their peers and explore this concept of Marianist Mindfulness in their lives. Participants will have the ability to reflect upon these concepts through individual and communal prayer, daily conversations with a spiritual guide, and group discussions. It will be held at Governor’s Island Retreat Center and costs $50. Financial aid and scholarships are available upon request, transportation will be provided, and details for early move-in will be arranged. Contact Mike Bennett at mbennett3@udayton.ed with questions. Registration is available at RegisterUDRetreats.

As the end of the semester unfolds, may we all embrace a sense of Marianist Mindfulness, growing as a community of

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