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Exciting News from Our Ed.D. Program in Leadership for Organizations

By Katie Reynolds

It's a milestone moment as our Educational Doctorate (Ed.D.) program in Leadership for Organizations enters its fourth year, and the buzz is all about the remarkable journey our students and faculty have embarked on. Here's a glimpse into what makes this program truly exceptional:

Driving Positive Change with a Social Justice Focus

Our Ed.D. program isn't your typical doctoral journey. It's a dynamic, social justice-based program that equips scholar-practitioners with the tools to ignite positive change from the top-down through service-based leadership. Whether you hail from the education sector, corporate world, government, or nonprofit organizations, you'll find a welcoming home here. We're proud to announce that in the past year, 112 graduates have successfully completed the program, with an additional 30 poised to graduate this fall. Our alumni are making waves in their respective fields, championing change with the knowledge and skills they've gained.



Dissertations That Transform

One of our standout features is the 'Dissertation in Practice.' It's not your run-of-the-mill dissertation; it's a three-chapter action research dissertation that tackles real-world issues within organizations. The impact of these dissertations reverberates across the nation, driving change and innovation. Curious to see the tangible results of our students' work? Don't miss our upcoming Scholars Conference on November 10th in the Adele Center starting at 9:00 AM. It's open to all members of the University of Dayton community. Prepare to be inspired!

 EdD Graduates of Fall 2023


Virtual Bonds and In-Person Connections

Think virtual programs lack collaboration and camaraderie? Think again! Our Ed.D. program defies expectations with on-campus immersions three times a year. Students in their third and ninth terms come together for two days filled with collaborative activities and engaging presentations. This summer, we even enjoyed an outing to a Dayton Dragons game—a true testament to our program's sense of community.

 EdD Students attend a Dayton Dragons game in the Summer 2023 immersion social.

Adventures Beyond Academics

We believe in balancing hard work with fun. Recently, the Department of Educational Administration hosted an exhilarating hike in Yellow Springs. Our students and faculty, spanning various Ed Admin programs, including the Ed.D., spent a picturesque day hiking and sharing lunch. Our students and faculty work tirelessly to foster an inclusive and tight-knit cohort model. Cohort members often organize gatherings across different parts of the country, forming bonds that go beyond academics. Many students credit their success to the unwavering encouragement and support they receive from their fellow cohort members.

October 23 Ed.D. Hike 

Sharing Knowledge with the World

Beyond our campus, our program members are actively sharing their research with top organizations and journals. Just this month, multiple students and faculty presented their findings at the prestigious American Association for Adult and Continuing Education (AAACE) conference.

The following three topics and presentations were a part of UDayton's contribution to the AAACE conference this year:

Informing, Reforming, and Transforming Intersectionality and Imposter Phenomenon in Higher Education

Dr. Rogers-Shaw, Dr. Brion, and three Doctoral candidates, Colissa Jordan, Megan Bogdan-Cousins, and Cindy McMullen (who participated remotely), engaged in a highly informative session on the intersectionality and Imposter Phenomenon. The discussion delved into the personal, professional, and research-related implications of this phenomenon as a researcher.

 UDayton EdD students and faculty presenting at AAACE

Improving Teaching & Learning: Cycles for Iterative Improvement

Alumna Dr. Carissa Maddox presented her research to delve deeper into how schools can enhance their effectiveness by making collective commitments while enacting cycles for iterative improvement in partnership with universities. These cycles are a collaborative approach toward building the capacity of teachers through adult formation, teacher engagement, and formative checks.

 Clarissa Maddox and Dr. Carr-Chellman post presentation for AAACE.

Guiding Adult Learners with Disabilities through Challenging Transitions in Higher Education

The session revolved around the challenges faced by adults with disabilities during transition points in their lives, especially while attending college. The onus of creating an all-inclusive learning environment, which helps overcome these transition barriers, lies with educators and learners. The session, which lasted for 25 minutes, offered practical strategies for tackling disability complications during transition points. The presenters included Tulare W. Park from the Commonwealth University of Pennsylvania, Carol Rogers-Shaw and Kari Sheward from the University of Dayton, and John Szabo from the University of Dayton.

AAACE participants from UDayton EDD program.


The Ed.D. program in Leadership for Organizations isn't just about earning a degree—it's about embarking on a transformative journey that blends academic rigor, camaraderie, and real-world impact. Join us in celebrating the remarkable achievements of our students and faculty as they continue to shape a brighter future!

If you think that you are ready to take the next step in your academic and professional journey, consider applying to the program and reap the benefits that our family members in the Ed.D. program are enjoying. 

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