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Sun, sand, scripture and lifelong learning

By John LeComte

Summer is the perfect time for continuing education online with the Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation (VLCFF)

Relax by the beach, pool or lake and learn about your faith using your phone, tablet or laptop.

Sylvia McCormick didn’t let her one-week Caribbean cruise stop her from completing her readings and chat on the discussion boards with her cohort during her five-week online class.

“The learning never stops,” McCormick emailed aboard a ship from St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, back in 2019. “The VLCFF at UD has taken me on an amazing journey!”

There are also three-week e-seminars through the platform, as well as a variety of stand-alone subjects:

It’s anytime, anywhere, asynchronous learning year-round, which makes it convenient for busy lifestyles.

I was working full-time and could only continue my education online after work,” said Fannie Wan, who lives in Canada. I had been searching for organized, online theological studies for years, and then I found VLCFF.”

Many adult students tell us that our online classes provide much needed continuing education.

“The classes have been wonderful experiences and are suited for people of all backgrounds, ranging from those with very little, if any theological background (such as myself) to those with a more in-depth knowledge base,” student Andre Siegel said.

There are also a variety of courses to choose from in Spanish and Arabic. Whether learning for personal or professional situations, it’s education at your fingertips.

I applied what I learned from VLCFF classes in our parish, organized teams, formed the volunteers, developed plans, implemented and evaluated staff,” student Liane Harris said. VLCFF is so needed!"

So, don't let a little sand and sun get in your way.

Check out our online courses starting July 18 and Sept. 5 and become a lifelong learner.

To register for a class, simply watch this short video to see how to create a profile. Cost for a five-week e-course is $50, and a three-week e-seminar is $40. HR covers fees for university employees.  

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