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Congratulations to the 2022 COIL Faculty Fellows

Congratulations to the 2022 COIL Faculty Fellows Cohort. This spring, 10 faculty members from across four academic units will come together to learn how to design and implement collaborative online international learning (COIL).  

The faculty will engage in a number of workshops over the spring semester, including sessions on the benefits of COIL for students and faculty, how to engage partners, intercultural development, curriculum design and assessment, and best practices when integrating technology.  The participants will also hear from a panel of past COIL faculty members and the successes and challenges they have had when implementing COIL. 

Upon completion of the COIL sessions this spring, faculty are planning to implement their COIL course in the 2022-2023 academic year.  

2022 COIL Faculty Fellows Cohort:

Julius Amin | History CAS

Tracey Jaffe | History/INS CAS

Van Tam Nguyen | Computer Science CAS

Xiaoli Li | English CAS

Diana Cuy Castellanos | Health and Sport Science SEHS

Haozhou Pu | Health and Sport Science SEHS

Hamed Majidi Zolbanin | MIS, OSC and Business Analytics SBA

Lissa Cupp | Management and Marketing SBA

Yue Pan | Management and Marketing SBA

Yooneun Lee | Engineering Management, Systems and Technology SOE

We wish the 2022 COIL Faculty Fellows all the best as they engage their students and international partners in exploring global and intercultural learning opportunities! See more information about the COIL Faculty Fellows Program here.

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