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Alumni and Friends Making an Impact

Photo of the NCR Player Development Center. There is a large monitor on one wall and a putting green.

Out of the Rough

Thanks to Champions & Scholars donors, along with support from NCR Country Club, golf athletes at the University of Dayton are taking a huge leap forward. They now have access to the NCR Player Development Center, meaning every practice leads to progress.

“This facility has changed our program for the better,” said junior golfer Megan Yoder. “Our program is one being built up and getting better, and things like this only push that forward.”

Before the new facility was built, the team practiced in the Frericks Center, relegated to a small corner of the volleyball court. When it was time to practice, our men and women would drop the nets, roll out the turf and get to work. The setup was a whiff for both teams, but the athletes had few other options. 

Flash forward to today, where the million-dollar NCR Player Development Center is now an ace in the hole. It features interactive technology, hitting bays and conference rooms dedicated to UD athletes — just a few of the state-of-the-art training tools available to Flyers. The team now has one of the top golf training facilities in the country to help current athletes soar and recruit new ones to the program.

“There isn’t a piece of data that exists that you can’t access. You don’t have to guess,” said senior Henry May. “Every time you hit a shot you get extensive feedback that helps us improve.”

“I like the ability to practice whatever I need on any given day,” adds Yoder.

But as amazing as this facility is for golfers, it would not have happened if not for more than a dozen families who donated to make the space a reality. Their funding, along with support from UD’s home golf course, NCR Country Club, made all the difference.

“At the end of the day, without question, this was a 100% donor-funded project in conjunction with our great partnership with NCR,” said Neil Sullivan, vice president and director of UD athletics. “Without the families that supported this, it simply would not have happened.”

Even with this giant leap forward, there are still ways donors can help current and future golfers avoid future bogies. Director of UD golf and head men’s coach Gip Hoagland says there is still plenty of room to grow, and One Day, One Dayton is the perfect day to help the program avoid sand traps, so to speak.

“I want my athletes to have the best possible experience while they are here,” said Hoagland. “If you give to our program, you will see the difference you make for those experiences. With college athletics, every little bit helps.”

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