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IACT is on the Move!

Although the "T" in IACT usually stands for the way we transform our students, occasionally, we transform another facet of our work. Effective August 1st, IACT will be relocating from ArtStreet to room 401 of Roesch Library. The Brook Center for Empowerment and Wellbeing will relocate from Gosiger Hall to the ArtStreet complex, serving as a wellbeing hub in the heart of the student neighborhood.

In 2004, the University of Dayton opened ArtStreet, designed to be a vital, dynamic and compelling learning and living environment. Since that time, the ArtStreet complex has created meaningful space in the heart of the student neighborhood for students to see the intersection of their academic and personal growth. Much has emerged in the 17 years since, including the launch of the Institute of Applied Creativity for Transformation in 2016. Most recently, we have opened The GEM at The Hub (Dayton Arcade), a space designed to be a “school for schools” - providing opportunities for merging creative skill building into existing curriculum or programs focused on equity, access, workforce skill development, and/or personal growth mindset.

While our downtown location, including our second IACT office, offers many new community-based opportunities for the University and for IACT, it is very important to us that we also maintain an on-campus presence, albeit with a reduced physical footprint.

The central location of Roesch Library offers continued collaboration with all areas of campus, while also providing intentional partnership between IACT and University Libraries in the relaunch and programming of Concourse D on the 2nd floor of Roesch Library.  Our ACT 1 and ACT 2 courses will also be taught in Roesch Library starting this fall.

Even with our exit from the ArtStreet location, we’re excited to pass the keys to the Brook Center to continue the ArtStreet mission around community building and self-expression - fulfilling part of the University's efforts to house intentional spaces for students' health and wellbeing. 

Where to find the IACT team: 

IACT executive director, Brian LaDuca, and place and space coordinator, Mike Puckett, primarily work out of our offices at The Hub (Hub 135  and 136). IACT director, Adrienne Ausdenmoore, and communication coordinator, Willie Morris IV, primarily work out of Roesch 401. Have more questions? Contact the IACT Team here.

Interested in using space at ArtStreet this fall for meetings or events? Contact the Brook Center at for additional info.

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