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The GEM | Growth Education Mindset

With a focus on community-centered approaches to social innovation, The GEM connects University and city, bringing the Dayton community together in the pursuit of collaborative progress by focusing on four main facets: Needs, Assets, Empathy, and Learning.

The GEM is located in The Hub at the Dayton Arcade and is led by the Institute of Applied Creativity for Transformation (IACT) at the University of Dayton, in collaboration with contributors from the Dayton community and our 2021 pilot creative council: 

Adrienne Ausdenmoore, IACT UD
Anne Crecelius, Education Health Sciences UD 
Bernard Jones Jr, Reviving a Village Solutions
Katy Kelly, UD Libraries
Brian LaDuca, IACT UD 
Willie Morris IV, IACT UD
Mike Puckett, IACT UD
Senay Semere, State of Ohio

The Amber Empathize Room at The GEM


A place to meet, and begin to observe, engage and immerse in each other’s passions and ideas.

The Jade Prototype Room at The GEM


A place to take those common passions and ideas and continue to explore multiple solutions, while building on empathetic understanding and bringing visions to life.

The Sapphire Test Room at The GEM


A place to refine prototypes with a “fail fast/fail forward” mindset, learn more about each other in the process and find unexpected outcomes.

Interested in Being a Part of The GEM?

The GEM is an asset co-op where the only requirement for membership is a willingness to contribute one’s unique set of assets. Co-ops are designed to be driven by the needs of its contributors and provide education and training so they can develop  themselves, the co-op, and Dayton. We are currently seeking contributors to build our asset co-op. Click here to contact Brian LaDuca, IACT Executive Director.


Institute of Applied Creativity for Transformation (IACT)

300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 2620