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The GEM is a place where all learners have the opportunity to build their creative skills.

As a school for schools, The GEM at The Hub (Dayton Arcade) merges creative skill building into existing curriculum or programs focused on equity, workforce skill development, and/or personal growth mindset.



 Want to learn more about how to get involved? Contact us here.

The Amber Empathize Room at The GEM


A place to meet, and begin to observe, engage and immerse in each other’s passions and ideas.

The Jade Prototype Room at The GEM


A place to take those common passions and ideas and continue to explore multiple solutions, while building on empathetic understanding and bringing visions to life.

The Sapphire Test Room at The GEM


A place to refine prototypes with a “fail fast/fail forward” mindset, learn more about each other in the process and find unexpected outcomes.

Satellite Connections

The GEM's network of Dayton-based partners add tremendously to the collaborative work that happens in our spaces. On top of the collaborative work done between each organization, these partners also bring assets to The GEM that are driven by the needs of a community, create opportunities for access, place people at the forefront, and focus on an outcome of learning. Learn more about our Satellite Connections below.

What's Going on in The GEM?
Career Development 07.06.21
The GEM Sparks Collab Between Brixilated and Dayton Sprouts

The GEM at the Hub was designed to be a space that allowed creative collaboration to thrive between community members and University of Dayton students. We started to bring in some of the people that we saw best demonstrating growth-mindset in the Dayton area and let them go to work. Turns out, whenever you bring a room full of creative collaborators together, the results are pretty incredible!

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Interested in Being a Part of The GEM?

We currently have a full roster of over 30 collaborators in The GEM, but we'd love to connect and see how implementing creative skill building into your work would look. If you'd like to learn more about the work that's happening in The GEM, Click here to contact Brian LaDuca, IACT Executive Director.


GEMs aren't made overnight...

The GEM is the result of 3 years of prototyping in an experimental space in Fitz Hall at the University of Dayton. The GEMnasium was a transdisciplinary incubator where we developed many of the practices that you'll see in The GEM today. Learn more about the GEMnasium here. 


Institute of Applied Creativity for Transformation (IACT)

Roesch Library 401 and The Hub (Arcade)
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 1364