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Ryan Peaco in pilot costume posing for a picture with three other students in flight attendant and pilot costumes.

Senior engineering student inherits beloved Red Scare pilot costume

By Keelin Kelly

Whether he is sporting blue body paint or the beloved Red Scare pilot costume, senior electrical engineering student Ryan Peaco can be easily spotted at the front of the student section cheering the Flyers to victory at University of Dayton basketball games. 

Peaco, vice president of external relations for the Red Scare, joined the student organization his freshman year when COVID-19 restrictions limited fan attendance at UD sporting events.

“Red Scare was kind of in hiding for most of that year. I had seen things about Red Scare and heard how involved and crazy the student section is, but I didn’t give it much thought because I didn’t see it for myself,” Peaco recalls.

Later in the year, he had a change of heart after seeing the Red Scare at the Under the Lights baseball game at Day Air Ballpark.

“I had really missed being a part of sports and being involved in something athletics related,” Peaco said. With the support of his friends, he applied to join Red Scare and was accepted.

Peaco landed the role of financial chair his sophomore year and community outreach chair his junior year.

“I tried to find extra things that I could do, like showing up a little early for the games and helping out our sports chairs,” Peaco explained. “I tried to become a multi-use person, and that eventually led to the role I am in now.” 

As vice president of external relations, Peaco engages and informs students about upcoming games and events. He assists the graphic designer and social media team and can be found outside of Kennedy Union on Flyer Fridays promoting Red Scare.

“It’s fun because people recognize and know me from it, and I can tell them about upcoming games and help people with tickets,” Peaco said. “I really enjoy talking with all of those people.”

In addition to his executive board duties, he is also responsible for the Red Scare’s esteemed pilot costume, passed down to him by last year’s vice president of external relations, Jacob Mantle. 

“It has been pretty cool to be able to carry on something that a lot of people before me enjoyed being and really still cherish,” Peaco said.

Going into his final semester at UD, Ryan is excited to share the student section with his freshman brother, Evan Peaco, who is a new member of Red Scare. 

Follow the Red Scare on Facebook (University of Dayton Red Scare), Twitter (@red_scare), and Instagram (@thered_scare) to stay up to date on ticket and transportation information, event details and more.

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