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Sabra Tomb Starts New Role At Dayton Law To Develop Workforce Training Programs

Sabra Tomb was a successful small business owner when she made the decision to go back to school and earn her law degree from the University of Dayton School of Law.

Now she wants to help others follow a similar path as she returns to UD Law to be the law school’s Director of Training Programs and Strategic Business Development.

“For me education is life changing,” Tomb says. “It’s why I’ve had immense opportunities in my life. This new role is exciting because I get to help businesses and organizations develop their workforces to be the best at what they do.”

In the newly created role, Tomb will work with companies to develop specialized training programs to fit the needs of their workforce. One example is the 5-hour online Intellectual Property Training Certificate UDSL offers that was done in partnership with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and which Tomb helped work to create in her previous job as an attorney for the AFRL.

“We live in a highly competitive era where businesses have to continue to up-skill to remain on the cutting edge,” Tomb says. “My plan is for UDSL to be a national leader in those training programs while also having an impact on the Dayton region and places like Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.”

Tomb will also work on growing the School of Law’s Government Contracting and Procurement program, where those either in the contracting field or interested in joining it can earn a master’s degree. She wants to form partnerships with companies and agencies whose workers could benefit from taking classes with the contracting experts teaching in the program.

Tomb believes students in the courses and trainings will feel as good about their decision to improve their skills as she does hers.

“Education is transformative,” Tomb says. “We want the students that come through these programs, whether it’s a 5-hour training program or a master’s degree, to feel they received the highest quality education and training,”

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