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School of Business Administration

(Left to Right: Mac Staggs, Hans Rottmann, Jessica Garland, Sean Sullivan & Tony Krystofik)

Skyward Bound: UD Sales Team Soars at RNSC 2024

The University of Dayton School of Business Administration (SBA) sales team soared to remarkable heights at the 7th Annual Virtual Redbird National Sales Competition (RNSC), hosted by the Professional Sales Institute at Illinois State University from February 14th to 16th, 2024. In a field of 41 universities and 123 talented student contestants, the University of Dayton Sales Team shone brightly, securing a stellar 4th place finish.

Fuelled by passion and dedication, the SBA Redbird Student Sales Team, led by senior contestants Hans Rottmann, Jessica Garland, and Sean Sullivan, alongside junior alternate Machaela Staggs, embarked on an intensive six-week journey of preparation. Their commitment, coupled with the invaluable guidance from student Sales Coaches Alexa Plummer and John Sommers, who will represent the university in the upcoming National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC), propelled them towards excellence.

Under the expert mentorship of Faculty Sales Coach Anthony P. Krystofik, the University of Dayton School of Business achieved an extraordinary feat, with all three student contestants advancing to the prestigious Semifinals, placing them among an elite group of just four schools.

The competition, featuring 41 University Sales Programs, provided an exhilarating platform for the University of Dayton Sales Team to showcase its talent and dedication. Additionally, for two of the UD Sales Team, this was their competition debut. This added yet another layer of accomplishment to the team's stellar performance.

“This was such a memorable experience. It was so fulfilling to put in so much work and see it come to fruition” shared Hans Rottmann, a senior in Finance with a minor in Insight Selling. “Working with a team of students and a coach is so fun, the team atmosphere, collaboration, and time spent together bring all of you so close that you want everybody else to succeed as much as you want yourself to succeed. It can be scary when there have been so many hours put into practicing and then the competition finally arrives and it all boils down to a couple moments. Last year, I was a part of the team but was not able to compete so it was awesome to be able to actually compete and be a part of the team's success.”

Throughout the training for the competition, participants immersed themselves in exhilarating simulated sales role-plays, refining their skills in understanding scenarios, product intricacies, and captivating presentation techniques.  The Fiore Talarico Center for Professional Selling, housed within the SBA, provided the team with vital self-assessment tools during their practice sessions, thanks to its cutting-edge recording features. By reviewing their digital video performances, the SBA sales team gained access to honest critiques and self-evaluation, enriching their training regimen.

As the University of Dayton School of Business continues to soar to new heights, its unwavering dedication to excellence in sales education remains steadfast, ensuring that students are equipped with the skills and experiences to thrive in the exhilarating world of professional sales.

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