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University of Dayton MBA Program Embraces Servant Leadership Through Annual Food Service Event

In a demonstration of their commitment to servant leadership, the University of Dayton's MBA program has established an annual tradition of volunteerism at the Dayton Foodbank. Spearheaded by Sally Berry, the MBA Director, this initiative embodies the program's core values and ethos of community engagement.

The genesis of this endeavor traces back to Berry's personal connection with volunteer work. Having previously volunteered with her family at the Greater Cleveland Food Bank, Berry saw an opportunity to extend this service ethos to the University of Dayton's MBA program. Upon assuming her role as MBA Director, Berry sought to integrate a service event that would not only benefit the community but also resonate with the program's emphasis on servant leadership.

The choice of the Dayton Foodbank as the partner organization was a natural fit. The Foodbank's mission goes beyond merely addressing immediate hunger; it aims to tackle the root causes of food insecurity. By providing food to a network of partner agencies and offering direct services to fill gaps in assistance, the Dayton Foodbank embodies a comprehensive approach to combating hunger.

Central to the success of the Foodbank's mission is the invaluable contribution of volunteers. Recognizing this, the University of Dayton MBA program rallied its resources, mobilizing faculty, alumni, current students, and even administrative figures like the Associate Dean of Graduate Programs and Accreditation and department chair to participate in the annual service event.

“Working at the food bank is more than just a service; it's an expression of commitment to the Marianist values that the University of Dayton holds dear. This work aligns perfectly with the UD MBA program's focus on servant leadership, providing a practical way to live out these ideals. Seeing so many people willingly take the time to help others not only fills me with gratitude but also strengthens my belief in the importance of community. It's a clear demonstration of the selflessness and shared responsibility that unites us, sparking a collective sense of hope and compassion in serving others.” explains Sally Berry, MBA Director & Lecturer

This collaborative effort mirrors the Marianist belief ingrained in the University of Dayton's philosophy – the belief in serving the greater good through collective action. By working together within the community, participants contribute to immediate relief efforts and foster a sense of solidarity and shared purpose.

Beyond its day-to-day operations, the Dayton Foodbank plays a crucial role in regional disaster relief efforts. Maintaining stockpiles of essential supplies, including bottled water and shelf-stable food, the organization stands ready to respond to emergencies and provide aid to affected areas.

During the MBA program's volunteer time, participants engaged in meaningful work by packaging boxes to feed seniors through the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP). These monthly food packages, while not intended to constitute a complete diet, provide vital nutrients that are often lacking in the diets of elderly individuals.

This initiative's effect is evident, as the Foodbank distributes nearly 1,100 CSFP boxes monthly to enrolled participants at diverse locations across the region. The SBA MBA team played a crucial role in this effort by packaging 173 boxes, providing nourishment for 75 seniors. Through its continuous collaboration with the Dayton Foodbank, the University of Dayton MBA program not only upholds its dedication to servant leadership but also plays a significant part in fostering a stronger and more empathetic community.

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