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Managing Money in the Classroom to the Ball on the Court.

College basketball is flying high at UD! Sunday, October 22nd, kicked off the 2023-2024 Flyer season with University of Dayton against Ohio State at the UD Arena. This was the first game of the season, as well as a charity game raising money for mental health awareness. Dedicated to Coach Anthony Grant's daughter, Jay Grant, who died due to suicide in 2022, this was a very special charity event for the team and the University of Dayton community.

Brady Uhl, a junior finance student at UD, is not only a guard on the basketball team but also one of only two team reps on UD's Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and one of the UD Basketball captains this year.

"I am working on becoming a better leader for my team because I was elected as captain for the first time, and it is something I want to continue to improve on." Brady shares. Brady is the second, third-generation family in Dayton basketball history, as both his dad and grandfather played for the Flyers. Bill Uhl Jr., Brady's father, played for Dayton from 1986 to 1990 and was a part of the Midwestern Collegiate Conference Championship team in 1990. His grandpa Bill Uhl Sr. was an All-American at Dayton, averaging 18.5 ppg from 1953 to 1956. After graduation, he was drafted by the Rochester Royals and inducted into the UD Hall of Fame.

Off the court, Brady is a finance major with interests in investments and management. Finance lecturer Leslie Mundew emphasized Brady's maturity and commitment to his education. "Balancing a demanding basketball schedule with the challenges of a finance major requires dedication and solid time management skills." She emphasized that Brady diligently followed up on coursework missed due to his travel schedule, ensuring he continually kept up with the course material and his education. Brady believes that the items he has learned in his SBA classes have helped him in his ability to step up when needed and that being a leader in the classroom has helped him voice his leadership on the basketball court.

This season, UD is stacked with many new athletes; however, Uhl is not intimated about leading a team with so many new players, believing that the team will continue to attack every opponent while playing as one unit. Working well together will be essential for the success of the UD team this season, and Brady is confident the team will be able to do so. "I see us winning plenty of games and making it into the NCAA tournament and nothing less than those two."

Brady's future leadership will not end with this season; he plans to attend graduate school and earn his master's degree in business. After graduate school, he hopes to get into college coaching, becoming a head coach, or joining the family's insurance company. For more information about this year's UD Flyers season and Brady's leadership on the court: visit

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