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Research September 14, 2020
National Science Foundation awards University of Dayton research team $63K to apply machine learning to 3-D printing on nanoscale

The National Science Foundation awarded a $63,215 supplemental grant to University of Dayton physics, computer science and electro-optics researchers to apply data science technology to an advanced manufacturing process for building three-dimensional structures at nanoscale, or a thousand times smaller than the diameter of a human hair.

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Faculty September 10, 2020
College Faculty in the News: September 10, 2020

Department of Art and Design faculty Glenna Jennings, Julie R. Jones Ruse and Joel Whitaker were among several local photographers whose work was recently published in The Dayton Daily News' special publication In the Balance: Reflections of Our Community During COVID. Enjoy this story and follow other recent media coverage of the service, research, scholarship and commentary of College of Arts and Sciences programs and their faculty.

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Students and Campus Life September 07, 2020
University of Dayton communication students to host independent film festival online

The show must go on — even amid a global pandemic. University of Dayton faculty and students have overcome challenges related to COVID-19 to put on the Dayton Independent Film Festival in a virtual format.

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Research September 01, 2020
National Science Foundation, Ohio Department of Higher Education Ohio Action Fund award UD chemists $290K for nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer

The National Science Foundation awarded University of Dayton chemists Jeremy Erb and Vladimir Benin $240,379 and the Ohio Department of Higher Education Ohio Action Fund provided an additional $50,233 for the purchase of a Bruker 400 MHz nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer to support faculty research and student research training in chemistry and the biological sciences.

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Research August 31, 2020
UD researcher participates in first global survey of glacial lakes

In the largest-ever study of glacial lakes, NASA-funded researchers — including University of Dayton geologist Umesh Haritashya and his student Katherine Strattman — found glacial lake volume has increased by about 50% worldwide since 1990 as glaciers melt and retreat due to climate change.

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Faculty August 25, 2020
College Faculty in the News: August 25, 2020

Assistant Professor Christopher Devine, Department of Political Science, has spoken to numerous local, national and international news agencies about the upcoming presidential election. Follow his quotes and comments, as well as other recent media coverage of the service, research, scholarship and commentary of College of Arts and Sciences programs and their faculty.

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Students and Campus Life August 24, 2020
Welcome to the University of Dayton Class of 2024

Shazia Rahman, associate professor in the Department of English, is the faculty speaker for the University of Dayton’s fall 2020 Welcome Convocation. In this video, she advises first-year students to seek out different perspectives and listen to the voices of people whose lives and experiences are different from their own.

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Research August 17, 2020
University of Dayton summer undergraduate student research program pivots to remote mentorship model

University of Dayton biochemistry major Juliano Aquilino was working to isolate a protein in the influenza virus, in hopes of providing new information on therapeutics and treatment for the flu, when he encountered problems with the solubility of the protein in water.

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Faculty August 07, 2020
In Memoriam: Eugene August

Eugene August, professor emeritus of English who was a pioneer in the men’s studies movement, died Saturday, July 25. He was 84.

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Research August 03, 2020
University of Dayton psychologist awarded $439K from National Institutes of Health to study early math skills development

The National Institutes of Health awarded $438,829 to University of Dayton psychologist Mary Fuhs to study early development of mathematics skills in preschool-age children, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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