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College Faculty in the News: Oct. 10, 2022

News agencies across the region, the nation and throughout the world often reach out to our faculty experts for their perspectives on today's issues. This media coverage highlights the service, research and scholarship taking place in the College of Arts and Sciences. Find links to a number of recent stories below.

"Turner appoints former governor Taft to Afghanistan War Commission"
Dayton Daily News, Oct. 6, 2022
Distinguished Research Associate Bob Taft, Department of Political Science

"Metal scenes around the world survive and thrive in the face of challenges"
The Academic Minute, Oct. 5, 2022
Professor Bryan Bardine, Department of English

"University of Dayton Week on The Academic Minute"
The Academic Minute, Oct. 5, 2022

"Teaching: Advice from students who’ve taken your course before"
The Chronicle of Higher Education, Sept. 29, 2022
Associate Professor Yvonne Sun, Department of Biology

"Ohio's aviation history"
89.7 WOSU-AM, Sept. 27, 2022
Professor Janet Bednarek, Department of History

"U.S. Senate candidates agree on two debates, none in southwest Ohio"
Dayton Daily News, Sept. 27, 2022
Senior Lecturer Daniel Birdsong, Department of Political Science

"Vance opposes U.S. support for Ukraine. That could turn Ohio's Ukrainian community against him"
Time, Sept. 22, 2022
Associate Professor Nancy Martorano Miller, Department of Political Science

"Discussing sustainability education in Ohio"
Spectrum News 1, Sept. 26, 2022
Director Bob Brecha, Sustainability Program

"Senator Scott’s bulging war chest could fuel higher aspirations"
New York Sun, Sept. 24, 2022
Associate Professor Christopher Devine, Department of Political Science

"Experts say skipping debates is a trend, particularly among GOP candidates"
Dayton Daily News, Sept. 22, 2022
Senior Lecturer Daniel Birdsong, Department of Political Science

"Looking back on America's summer of heat, floods and climate change: Welcome to the new abnormal"
The Conversation, Sept. 21, 2022
Department Chair Shuang-Ye Wu, Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences

"Outside Money in GOP Primaries Reveals Growing Power of PACs"
Newsweek, Sept. 20, 2022
Senior Lecturer Daniel Birdsong, Department of Political Science

"University of Dayton Human Rights Center receives $350,000 grant to prevent domestic violent extremism"
Spectrum News 1, Sept. 19, 2022
Executive Director Shelley Inglis, Human Rights Center

"Why do air traffic controllers have to retire at age 56?"
The Why, Sept. 17, 2022
Professor Janet Bednarek, Department of History

"NC-bound Boom Supersonic loses engine manufacturer. What that means for the jet maker"
Raleigh (N.C.) News & Observer, Sept. 16, 2022
Professor Janet Bednarek, Department of History

"Why we all need more Lesbian Dance Theory"
Oxford University Press Blog, Sept. 15, 2022
Associate Professor Samuel Dorf, Department of Music

"Miami Valley reacting to Queen Elizabeth's death"
WDTN-TV 2, Sept. 8, 2022
Director Laura Hume, Prelaw Program

"Wellness Wednesday: The updated COVID booster shot"
89.7 WOSU-AM, Sept. 7, 2022
Assistant Professor Elana Bernstein, Department of Psychology

"Sex Sounds: Vectors of difference in electronic music"
90.5 WICN-FM, Sept. 5, 2022
Assistant Professor Danielle Sofer, Department of Music

"Reducing barriers for community college students majoring in psychology"
American Psychological Association, Sept. 1, 2022
Professor Lee Dixon, Department of Psychology

Top of page (l-r), top row: Elana Bernstein, Bob Brecha, Shuang-Ye Wu, Christopher Devine, Laura Hume. Second row: Danielle Sofer, Daniel Birdsong, Lee Dixon, Bryan Bardine, Nancy Martorano Miller. Bottom row: Janet Bednarek, Bob Taft, Yvonne Sun, Samuel Dorf, Shelley Inglis.

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