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Te’Jal Cartwright ’14

Te’Jal Cartwright ’14, is always open to learning new information so she can continue to grow and evolve in every aspect of her life. Whether it's learning new strategies for work or how to be a better mother to her son, she is always willing to receive new information.

>“I lead by choosing love,” said Cartwright. “I know that we cannot do God's work without letting Him use us entirely. My leadership skills really shine with how hard I work to build community no matter what differences may arise, and I can only do that through love.”

Leading with love naturally leads to service for Cartwright, who sees leading with love as encompassing service. She implements them both in all aspects of her life, including her work on “What’s the Biz,” which is a digital platform she created to highlight Black business owners though digital storytelling and social media.

“I am here to serve and be selfless. I truly believe that God puts us all here with a purpose and a special gift. I've been doing my best to use all of my skills to be a servant and a leader.”

Cartwright is honored to be in UD’s inaugural 10 Under 10 class, and has remained active with UD by following the University on social media, volunteering with students and donating to UD.

During her time on campus, Cartwright’s favorite place to hang out was in the lobby of Marycrest Complex because it was nice and cozy and a great place to catch up on homework or just relax. And she has been most inspired by TyAnn Stewart, who was the director of Upward Bound.

“She (Stewart) had a huge impact on me. She helped me get in touch with parts of myself that I would constantly try to deny. She helped me accept all of me which was extremely important when it came to figuring out my purpose.”

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