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Who's Publishing What?

God Made Us Just Right

Allia Zobel Nolan's newest children's book, God Made Us Just Right, uses whimsical questions from baby animals to help parents explain to children why they were born with certain characteristics.

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Why a Cat Is Still Better Than a Man

What are the 101 reasons a cat is better than a man? Allia Zobel Nolan reprises one of her most popular books for a new generation of cat lovers.

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Latkes for Santa Claus

In Latkes for Santa Claus, a humorous and endearing picture book by Janie Emaus, Anna is excited that Santa will be visiting her house for the first time, and she wants to leave Santa a treat that blends the holidays her new family celebrates: Christmas and Hanukkah.

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Who's Publishing What: Everyday is a Saturday

Award-winning humorist Jerry Zezima’s newest book, Every Day Is Saturday: Sleeping Late, Playing With the Grandchildren, Surviving the Quarantine, and Other Joys of Retirement, has been described as “a funny look at life after work, a cheerful guide to making it through a lockdown, and — best of all — an enduring love story.

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Who's Publishing What: The Daughters of Erietown

Hidden desires, long-held secrets and the sacrifices people make for family are at the heart of this powerful first novel by the popular Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Connie Schultz.

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Who's Publishing What: I Tried To Change so You Don't Have To

Loni Love has written an inspiring, hilarious memoir, I Tried to Change So You Don’t Have To, about learning to resist the pressures of conformity, love yourself for who you are, embrace your flaws and unlock your true potential. Now cohost of Fox’s The Real and SiriusXM’s Café Mocha, Loni hasn’t taken the typical path to becoming America’s favorite straight-talking girlfriend and comedian. She was not the child of Hollywood legends and she never wore a size 00.

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Alexa's a Spy and Other Things to Be Ticked off About

Syndicated humor columnist Dorothy Rosby has published her third book, Alexa's a Spy and Other Things to Be Ticked off About, Humorous Essays on the Hassles of Our Time. Dorothy calls the book "part comical call to arms and part tongue-in-cheek tirade." Essay topics range from spammers and scammers to clutter, litter and uncivil discourse. Her work has appeared for 24 years in publications across the West and Midwest. She's the author of two other books of humorous essays, I Use ...

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Ghosts of Harvard

In Francesca Serritella's psychological thriller, Ghosts of Harvard, Cadence Archer arrives on Harvard's campus searching for answers about her brother, a schizophrenic genius who leapt from his dorm room window the year before. Then she starts hearing voices… "Ghosts of Harvard is written with a masterly, focused hand, belying the fact that this is Serritella's debut novel. The pages burn with frenetic energy and are peopled by memorable, compelling characters. The tensi ...

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The Meat and Potatoes of Life: My True Lit Com

Applying her wit and humor to marriage and family life, award-winning columnist Lisa Smith Molinari shares her real-life family's humorous coming-of-age story, from marriage through raising kids to empty nest, in her first book, The Meat and Potatoes of Life: My True Lit Com. Since the pandemic has cancelled book launch events, she's "pivoted" and is recording amusing "Ponderings From the Pantry" videos as part of a virtual launch. In her book, Lisa recounts how she leaves her l ...

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The Sweeney Sisters

With the rise of at home DNA tests, we've all heard stories or had our own experiences uncovering family secrets - sometimes good, maybe a little sad, and occasionally secrets that should have remained just that. In her new novel, The Sweeney Sisters, Lian Dolan delivers a brilliant and entertaining story about books, love, sisterhood and what makes up a family, tapping into the zeitgeist of 23 and Me, and the surprises we can discover in our DNA. "This endearing story of sis ...

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Good Grammar Is the Life of the Party

Curtis Honeycutt, writer of the weekly humor column "Grammar Guy," will launch his debut book, Good Grammar is the Life of the Party: Tips for a Wildly Successful Life, on Facebook Live at noon (EST) on Saturday, May 2. His book aims to make grammar approachable and entertaining. The author, who makes big claims in his book, truly believes that good grammar can make anyone's life better. "Believe it or not, researchers have released studies that show practicing good grammar can get you jo ...

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About Your Father

Peggy Rowe is at it again - this time giving a hilarious inside look at growing up Rowe, both before and after Mike's rise to fame. While the book isn't officially available until April 14, some pre-release, autographed copies of About Your Father and Other Celebrities I Have Known: Ruminations and Revelations from a Desperate Mother to Her Dirty Son can be ordered here. Mike describes About Your Father as "a heartwarming book that's going to make the country smile." Since the day they sa ...

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Laugh Lines: My Life Helping Funny People Be Funnier

With his tender, funny memoir of four decades in the business, Alan Zweibel traces the history of American comedy in his newest book, Laugh Lines: My Life Helping Funny People Be Funnier. Abrams Press won't release the book until April 14, but it's available for pre-order now. Zweibel started his comedy career selling jokes for seven dollars apiece to the last of the Borscht Belt standups. Then one night, despite bombing on stage, he caught the attention of Lorne Michaels and became ...

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The Worrywart's Prayer Book

Do you obsess about everything from global warming and bridge collapses to wrinkles, failure and the return of polyester? And now are you biting your nails (keep your hands away from your face) because of COVID-19? The second edition of Allia Zobel Nolan's The Worrywart's Prayer Book can help you cope. Written before the coronavirus pandemic to address the general fears the author had on a daily basis, the book uses anecdotal stories, Scripture, inspirational quotations, humor and persona ...

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Practice, Practice, Practice

Daniela V. Gitlin's memoir, Practice, Practice, Practice: This Psychiatrist's Life, gives readers a fly-on-the-wall view of therapy sessions along with actual transcripts of what's going through her mind as she's working, living and saving the day (or trying to).

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What I Like About You

Allia Zobel Nolan's newest book, What I Like About You: A Book about Acceptance, teaches children to accept and celebrate the worth of others, no matter where they come from or what they look like. The book is a sequel to the bestseller and Mom's Choice Award title, What I Like About Me: A Book Celebrating Differences, a popular children's book about self-esteem. With fun photos, diversity messages, instructive notes for parents and children, and playful charts so children can keep track ...

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Laughter is the best medicine

January Gordon Ornellas is a comedy writer who writes about everything from colonoscopies to triathlons (equally painful). Her triathlon story, "Rookie's Triathlon Lessons," appeared in the Los Angeles Times (June 22, 2019). Two of her other stories, "Gobble, Gobble" and "Almost Taken," will be published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Laughter is the Best Medicine (April 2020). She also enjoys writing for her blog (, spending time with her family, traveling and running. ...

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Drug Tested for Being Happy

In her book, Drug Tested for Being Happy, Kathy Thorson Gruhn takes actual events throughout her life, and in an Erma Bombeck fashion, tickles your funny bone. Whether she tries to teach her hamster to run on an old 33 RPM album or finds herself in predicaments that most people find unbelievable, she comes out smelling like a rose. A speech pathologist for 35 years, she has been telling stories since she was a young girl. When she met Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul ...

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The Other Side of the Wall

Looking for a magical gift for young readers? Bestselling author Amy Ephron takes readers to London at Christmastime, where a new fantastical journey awaits for Tess and Max in The Other Side of the Wall, her third book for middle-grade readers. She's also the author of The Castle in the Mist, which was nominated for a SCIBA Award, and of Carnival Magic, a companion book. For a behind-the-scenes look at the adventures of Tess and Max, read Amy's piece in Mr. Ripley's Enchanted Books, whic ...

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The Hollows

Historical mystery writer Jess Montgomery's newest book, The Hollows, will be released Jan. 14, but is available now for pre-order. It's the second offering in the Kinship Historical Mysteries. Her first book, The Widows, will be published in paperback on Jan. 7, 2020. The Hollows promises to be another engaging page turner. In the heart of Appalachia in Ohio in 1926, an elderly woman is killed walking along the tracks. The brakeman tells tales of seeing a ghostly female figure dressed al ...

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Dancing from the Inside Out

To an observer, University of Dayton graduate Westina Matthews has mastered the art of reinvention, but she begs to differ. "I wouldn't call it reinvention," says Matthews, who traded a fast-paced corporate executive life in Manhattan for a quieter one of reflection, prayer and writing along the Wilmington River in Savannah where she lives with her husband, Alan. "I'm living into the call." Her life's journey has wound through an elementary school classroom in Yellow Springs, Ohio, where ...

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Looking Back at Elyria

Author Marci Rich combines journalism, historical research and memoir to look back at her hometown with love in her new book, Looking Back at Elyria: A Midwest City at Midcentury.  Readers needn't have grown up in Elyria to appreciate her book. "The universal appeal of its writing, and the kinship of its storytelling, will invite readers to engage in their own time-traveling," says the publisher, The History Press. Ilene Beckerman, author of Love, Loss, and What I Wore, writes, "Do y ...

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As Long As It's Perfect

Lisa Tognola's debut novel, As Long As It's Perfect, was published by She Writes Press in October. Kirkus Review calls the book "an entertaining read" and "an enjoyable tale about a wealthy couple who learn that building a house is more than they bargained for." It's also recommended by Parade for television fans of "Love It or List It." lists the novel as one of its "Books to Feed Your Inner Joanna Gaines." Tognola is an author, freelance writer, social worker, wife and moth ...

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Just Because I Used to Could...

Lisa Batten Kunkleman, a former guidance counselor turned writer, has published Just Because I Used to Could…Life Stories and Beyond, a collection of wise, witty and heartfelt stories. "If Erma Bombeck had grown up in a small hometown like Whiteville, in eastern North Carolina, moved to a farm in Charlotte, been a middle school guidance counselor, raised a daughter and a set of triplets with her husband, she might have written a book very similar," says Kathy Thorson Gruhn, author ...

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