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Policy on Use of Facilities

Policy on Use of Facilities and Address


To outline the terms and conditions governing use of University facilities or mailing address that will:

1.  be consistent with the University of Dayton Mission,

2.  enhance the University’s academic reputation,

3.  provide service to the community, and

4.  minimize exposure to risk, injury, loss, damage, or other hazards.


For purposes of this policy the term “facility” shall apply to all buildings, parking lots, roadways, playing fields, green spaces or other University owned property operated as a campus facility and not leased or operated exclusively by another entity. Internal users include current students, faculty, employees, and invitees attending a University sanctioned or sponsored event. External users include persons, entities, or organizations that are organizing or attending an event not affiliated with or sponsored by the University and who are expected to pay a fee in exchange for use of University facilities.

Policy History

I. Effective Date: November 2012

II. Approval:  November 17, 2021

III. History: 

  • Approved in its original form:  November, 2012
  • Approved as amended:  March 17, 2014
  • Approved as amended:  April 4, 2018
  • Approved as amended:  November 17, 2021

IV. Maintenance of Policy: Vice President for Facilities Management


1.  Use of any University facility must be for purposes consistent with the Mission. Facility Managers will confirm any questions regarding an event’s Mission consistency by consulting Department Management, the applicable Dean, Provost, VP for Mission, or President’s Office as may be appropriate or required. Any facility use by an external organization for fundraising purposes must be approved by the VP-Finance & Administrative Services and the VP & General Counsel (or their respective designees), who will consult with others as appropriate.

2.  Events that could be considered to be Political or Electoral must be reviewed and approved by the Government Relations Director in the President’s Office.

3.  Any food service or refreshments, including alcoholic beverages, provided at events, meetings or other gatherings must be from sources authorized in the operational practice specific to the applicable facility.

4.  All events or activities sponsored, co-sponsored, or hosted by a student organization must be registered through Student Life.

5.  Class scheduling will always take precedence over meetings or other requested uses for classrooms.

6.  Facility rental terms for external users must be documented in a format consistent with the operational practice specific to the applicable facility.

7.  External users must provide a Certificate of Insurance naming the University of Dayton as an additional insured with liability limits specified by Environmental Safety and Risk Management.

8.  All children under the age of 18, who are not enrolled at the University, must have a parent or legal guardian sign a waiver or release form allowing the participation in the program or activity. Minors may be restricted from certain areas of the facilities such as laboratories without prior approval from the University. Any allegations of inappropriate conduct shall be immediately reported to the person in charge of the program or activity and to the Department of Public Safety dispatcher at (937) 229-2121.

9.  Both internal and external users, herein defined to include its employees, contractors, agents, and other invitees, shall not at any time while on University of Dayton property:

     9.1 Park in restricted or undesignated areas;

     9.2 Smoke while inside any building;

     9.3 Be in possession of weapons or firearms of any type;

     9.4 Be in possession of, use, distribute, or dispense any controlled substance;

     9.5 Sell, use or consume alcohol in any manner or location that violates applicable University policies;

     9.6 Copy, distribute or loan any key or access control card to any University Facility;

     9.7 Attempt to gain unauthorized access to any building or floors of the building other than those where the specified event is being held;

     9.8 Allow discussions or conduct in common areas that would reasonably be deemed inappropriate or that is conducted at a volume that disturbs other building occupants or visitors;

     9.9 Subject any person to sexual, racial, psychological, physical, verbal, or other harassment or abuse. Conduct that diminishes the worth of a person is incompatible with the University of Dayton’s fundamental commitment as a Catholic university conducted in the Marianist tradition;

     9.10 Affix or display directional or other signs on the property without prior consent of the Facility Manager.

10.  The following may use the University's mailing address of 300 College Park or any other mailing address of a University-owned property:

     a.  The University;

     b.  University employees, volunteers, or contractors acting in their official University capacity;

     c.  University subsidiaries or affiliates;

     d.  Lessee of University space of buildings;

     e.  Students residing in University traditional residence halls, apartments, or residences for personal, non-commercial uses; and

     f.  University-recognized student organizations

Outside entities, non-University associations, start-up companies, or other groups, associations or organizations that are not University-owned or sponsored shall not use 300 College Park as a mailing address.


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For questions relating to the University policies of Facilities Management and Planning, please contact:

Rick Krysiak, Vice President for Facilities Management and Planning