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Maintenance, Renovation, Refurbishment, and Design of University Facilities and Grounds Policy

Maintenance, Renovation, Refurbishment, and Design of University Facilities and Grounds Policy


This policy defines the maintenance and operation, custodial maintenance, renovation, refurbishment, and design of all University facilities.  Facilities Management is responsible for the maintenance and operation, including, renovation, refurbishment, and design of all University-owned buildings and grounds, and the supervisions/approval of the maintenance of the residential properties & Faculty/Staff parking lots.


The Department of Facilities Management is responsible for maintenance & operations, renovations, refurbishments, and designs of all University owned buildings and grounds, custodial maintenance, and contracting with external contractors for maintenance & repair of University facilities. 

Policy History

I. Effective Date:  December 6, 1993

II. Approval:  January 18, 2023

III. History: 

  • Approved in its original form:  December 6, 1993
  • Approved as amended:  December 11, 1995
  • Approved as amended:  September 7, 2000
  • Approved as amended:  March 17, 2014
  • Approved as amended:  July 19, 2019
  • Approved as amended: January 18, 2023

IV. Maintenance of Policy: Vice President for Facilities Management


1.  Services provided by the Department of Facilities Management

     a.  To ensure compliance with all applicable building codes and other regulations, including the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (UFAS), and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), all building and grounds modifications and/or contract services must be completed by or done under the supervision of Facilities Management.  Contract services refer to any Renovation, Refurbishing, or Signage involving a University-owned property.

2.  Operations and Repairs of Facilities and Grounds

     a.  Facilities Management Operations is responsible for coordinating modification of building utility systems in support of research activities, specialized equipment or temporary hookups.  Maintenance and repair of building systems and equipment is carried out by both internal staff and qualified contractors under the supervisions of FM Operations.  All requests for maintenance and repair of building systems and equipment or grounds must be requested through the Facilities Management work order system at

3.  Contracted Services include janitorial maintenance, elevator maintenance, air filter maintenance, window washing, and pest control.

     a.  These services are accomplished by employing a contractor who will furnish all supervision, labor and materials/equipment with the exception of specified University-furnished supplies.  Contracts for all custodial maintenance services will specify type of cleaning service and frequency.  Any extension of cleaning frequencies may be required to remain within available funds. Pest control is performed at scheduled frequencies throughout campus.  All cleaning and pest control products must conform to environmental and health standards.  Elevator service contracts are maintained on all campus elevators. The contracts include routine maintenance, service calls, and emergency response. All elevators are inspected by the state twice a year to insure that they comply with state operating regulations. All state certificates are kept in the Facilities Management office. Facilities Management maintains a service contract for all campus air filters. The contract is to insure that air quality is kept at a high level to insure occupant air quality and comfort in all buildings. All filters are changed on a routine service schedule.

4.  Services of External Professionals

     a.  The use of professional architectural/engineering services will be restricted to those projects whose anticipated scope and complexity require development of working drawings and specifications, preparation of other contract documents, construction contract administration, on-site inspections/consultation, work progressing and contractor payment scheduling for the University as owner.

     b.  Once a project has been approved, the Vice President of Facilities Management is responsible for preliminary planning (schematic design), design development, construction documents, bidding or negotiating contracts, and contract supervision.

     c .  The Vice President of Facilities Management shall determine which projects require architectural/engineering services, is responsible for the selection of the architectural firm and will coordinate preliminary consultation between the architect/engineer and appropriate University parties, including the Facilities Committee of the Board of Trustees, and develop broad job scope and negotiate a fee schedule.

5.  Purchase of and moving/assembling of Furnishings and Signage

     a.  Requests for furniture purchases and moving/assembling of furniture, exterior or interior signs, donor displays and plaque purchases must be approved by the Facilities Management Department and Procurement and Payable Services. 

6.  Crosses

    a.  All classrooms, seminar rooms, and meeting spaces should have a University approved cross wall mounted within the space, provided and installed by Facilities Management. Additionally, students may request a cross may be either installed or removed from their residence by submitting a work order through Facilities Management.

7.  Signage

     a.  All signage will be specified to comply with UFAS standards.  Temporary signage will be as described in Facilities Management’s Temporary Event Signage Guidelines.

8.  Furniture will be specified and ordered by Facilities Management per the Facilities Management’s Furniture Standards Guidelines.

9.  Parking lots and snow removal of such lots will be contracted by Facilities Management Grounds.  Parking lot maintenance is conducted on an annual 3 year rotation subject to funding.  All requests for maintenance and repair of parking lots must be requested through the Facilities Management work order system at

Reference Documents

  1. Facilities Management Work Order Request
  2. University of Dayton Facilities Managements Furniture Guidelines
  3. University of Dayton Facilities Management's Temporary Event Signage Guidelines
  4. University of Dayton Facilities Management's Permanent Signage Guidelines

For questions relating to the University policies of Facilities Management and Planning, please contact:

Rick Krysiak, Vice President for Facilities Management and Planning