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Classroom Space/Event Request

Classroom Space/Event Request Instructions

To schedule an event, please visit: 25Live

To allow sufficient time to schedule electronic door locks, please submit all requests by 3Pm Prior to the date of the event or by 3pm on Fridays for weekend events.  Requests sent in after business hours may not allow sufficient time for electronic door access.

Door Access

All class schedules are entered in 25 Live. The classrooms and labs will unlock 15 minutes before class starts and lock 15 minutes after the class ends.

The rooms will unlock at the requested start of the event and lock at the requested end time.


Faculty and Staff can submit classroom space or event requests for the next term after the composite has been published.

(*Please note: We cannot schedule events during Final Exam Week until the Final Exam room schedule is complete.  This will be finished once the Drop/Add period is over for each term.  Please reference the Final Examination Policy for further information.)

Student Organizations can submit event requests for the next term after the following dates:

Fall Term – April 1st

Spring Term – November 1st

Anyone scheduling a room will be informed that the room is to be left in good order with furniture where it belongs, equipment closed properly, windows closed, and the door closed.  If this condition is not met, that person will not be allowed to schedule rooms in the future.


Confirmations will be emailed to the email address provided in the event request.  If there are problems or questions regarding your request, we will be in contact.  For all questions regarding event scheduling, please email

For information on how to submit a request for classroom or event space, please follow these instructions.

Information for Other Available Spaces on Campus

*Room usage policies may vary depending on location.

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Kennedy Union


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