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Examples of Emergency Messaging

Notification Overview

Different types of notifications will be sent through the system depending on the situation. UD Public Safety takes all threats seriously and investigates them thoroughly with the cooperation of outside agencies as necessary. The following are examples of some notification scenarios: 

Verbal or Written Threat

A verbal or written threat does not mean a threat is imminent but does mean that you should stay vigilant and report any concerning information or activity directly to UD Public Safety. An emergency communication may be issued, depending on UD Public Safety's assessment.

  • Example message: "UD Public Safety has received information regarding a threat and it is being investigated. Stay alert and report anything suspicious to Public Safety immediately. 937-229-2121."

Confirmed Direct Threat

A confirmed direct threat means a threat to campus with potential to result in loss of life, significant property damage or disruption of campus activities is imminent. An emergency communication will be sent with specific instructions regarding sheltering in place, evacuation, or staying clear of certain areas of campus.

  • Example message #1: "Widespread flooding on campus in the South Student Neighborhood. Rescue crews are responding. Do not try to walk or drive through flooded areas. Shelter in place in other areas of campus. Updates to come."
  • Example message #2:  "UD Public Safety is responding to a civil disturbance outside KY near Miriam Hall. Evacuate KU using lower level exits only. KU is closed. Remainder of campus shelter in place."

Confirmed Active Aggressor

If armed person(s) are on campus inflicting injuries, an emergency notification will be sent with appropriate information and instructions at that time. Certain situations will require the individual receiving the emergency notification to determine their own best immediate option, e.g., escape (RUN) if safe to do so, but circumstances may require occupants to find a safe place to HIDE and/or FIGHT. You can review the guidelines for these options under the Active Aggressor tab. This is the recommended response to active violence that law enforcement has found can save lives. You can watch a Run, Hide, Fight training video from the FBI.  

  • Example message: "ACTIVE SHOOTER near the RecPlex. Lock doors & shelter in place if you are away from the area. If you are in the area of imminent danger: Run, Hide, Fight."

Incident Concludes/All Clear

When a direct threat has been mitigated, the investigation has determined a lack of credibility and/or law enforcement does not believe there is a threat to the community, a communication will be sent to update the status of the situation.

  • Example message #1: “Flooding on campus has subsided, you can resume normal activities.”
  • Example message #2: “Public Safety has given the all clear for KU and KU plaza. The main lobby remains closed, the rest of the building is open. Shelter in place is lifted.”