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Michael O'Connor

Division Head, Sensor and Software Systems

University of Dayton Research Institute: Sensor and Software Systems


Email: Michael O'Connor
Phone: 937-229-5597
Curran Place, 1700 S. Patterson Blvd.
Website: Visit Site


Mike O’Connor is the Division Head for the Sensor Systems division comprised of over 80 engineers, scientists, and technicians conducting research and development on a wide variety of projects including neurophysiological testing, development of software solutions, reengineering of aging aircraft components, development of advanced RF and LiDAR sensing capabilities, and providing support to sensor testing. He has over 20 years of experience in working and managing advanced research and development projects with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), the National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC), the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) in the fields of advanced sensor processing and human factors engineering. He has an extensive background working with national and tactical Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems from development, collection, communication, and data exploitation.

Sensor Systems Research

Research and development activities within Sensor Systems Division include the following:

  • User Interface Design, Usability Evaluation, and Advanced Data Visualization
  • Physiological measurement of human performance
  • Knowledge Elicitation and Task Analysis
  • Novel RF signal, image, and data processing
  • Integrated close-in sensing and long-range wide-area surveillance radar
  • Spatial, temporal, and spectral EO/IR sensor and testing support to the DOD for over 15 years
  • Cost-effective sustainment of aging systems to avoid component obsolescence and improve serviceability
  • High Performance Computing
  • Open source plug-and-play interoperability


  • B.E.E. (Electrical Engineering), University of Dayton, 1993
  • Master’s Certificate, Emerging Leader, University of Dayton Center for Leadership and Executive Development, 2011
  • CompTIA Network+ Certification, December 2011
  • CompTIA Security+ Certification, May 2012
  • Master’s Certificate, Cyber Security, University of Dayton, 2012

Selected Publications

  • McCloskey, M., O’Connor, M., O’Campo, S. (2015). Innovative Contested/Denied Operations (CDO) Environment Analysis Characteristics, Challenges, and Support Concepts Across the Air Force Distributed Common Ground Site Enterprise. (DTIC Technical Report AFRL-RH-WP-TR-2015-0025, AFRL/RHXM, March, 2015).
  • McCloskey, M., Kancler, D., & O’Connor, M. (2014). A Cognitive Study of Air Force Intelligence Analysis Characteristics, Performance Barriers, and Support Opportunities in A2AD Environments. (DTIC Technical Report AFRL-RH-WP-TR-2014-0100, AFRL/RHXM, June, 2014).
  • O’Connor, M., Arbuckle, N., Bowers, D., Militello, L. (2013). Unmanned Aerial System Exploitation. In press.
  • McCloskey, M., O’Connor, M., Hoffman, R., & Kuperman, G. (2012). An Analyst-Centric Approach to Supporting Integrated Intelligence Production, (DTIC Technical Report AFRL-RH-WP-TR-2012-0111, AFRL/RHXM, July, 2012).
  • McCloskey, M., O’Connor, M., & Kuperman, G. (2012). A Cognitive Analysis of the Blue Devil Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination Cell. (DTIC Technical Report AFRL-RH-WP-TR-2012-0067, AFRL/RHXM, January, 2012).
  • McCloskey, M.J., Behymer, K.J., O’Connor, M., Klinger, D.W. & Kuperman, G.G. (2011). A Cognitive Systems Approach to Supporting Air Force Intelligence Analysis. (DTIC Technical Report AFRL-RH-WP-TR-2011-0066, AFRL/RHXM, February, 2011).
  • O’Connor, M., Pacley, A., Gudorf, D., Reichert, M., Kuperman, G. (2008). Human Systems Technologies for Spectral Data Exploitation, WPAFB, OH: Air Force Research Laboratory Human Effectiveness Directorate. (DTIC Technical Report AFRL-RH-WP-TR-2008-0091, AFRL/RHCS, May, 2008).