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Kevin Poormon

Group Leader, Impact Physics - Distinguished Research Engineer

University of Dayton Research Institute: Applied Mechanics


Email: Kevin Poormon
Phone: 937-229-2263
Shroyer Park Center, Rm 1941
Website: Visit Site


Kevin Poormon has been involved in over 100 impact physics research programs involving foreign object damage (FOD), which include bird strike testing, hail impact testing, and turbine/fan blade containment. He has performed bird strike testing of aircraft transparencies, fan blades, fan platforms, spinners, OGVs, IGVs, and engine inlet structures. In addition, he conducts tests for Crash Survivable Memory Units used in flight data recorders to certify impact shock survivability. Kevin is responsible for the development and design of range facility improvements and modifications necessary to meet special test requirements. Kevin has an extensive background in the use of high-rate data collection equipment, flash radiography, and high-speed cameras used to record terminal ballistic events.

In support of the University's two-stage, light-gas gun facilities, Kevin has been involved with several programs investigating the effectiveness of various meteoroid and orbital debris protection shields utilized on the space station. He also been a principal investigator for several armor penetration programs. In these programs, Kevin evaluated the penetration performance of various long rod penetrators into steel, aluminum, ceramic, and limestone. Much of the experimental data produced in these programs was used to validate or modify hydrocode models of penetration characteristics.


  • M.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Dayton, 1988
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Dayton, 1987


Hypervelocity Impact Society (HVIS)