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Impact Physics

Bird strike testing underway. A gun-fired avian analog approaches, impacts, cracks, and ultimately shatters an aircraft test canopy.

Testing and Evaluation of Impact-Resistant Materials and Structures

UDRI Impact Physics researchers have provided test and evaluation services for the development and certification of impact-resistant systems for government and industrial sponsors since 1965. We routinely perform research and testing in the fields of foreign object damage (FOD), light armor design and evaluation, penetration mechanics, hypervelocity impact testing and analysis, and dynamic behavior of materials.

We have one of the most diversified indoor impact research facilities in the world. Our testing laboratories have 12 gun ranges capable of propelling objects at velocities ranging from tens of feet per second to over 33,000 feet per second.

Our customers include original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of turbine engines, space vehicles, aircraft structures, armored vehicles, and flight data recorders, as well as the Department of Homeland Security.

Contact us and let our experienced researchers solve your impact challenges.

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Top: High-speed video images of an AV-8 Harrier windshield impacted by a 4-lb. gelatin bird simulant.

Dynamic Behavior of Materials

UDRI performs dynamic material response analysis on metals, plastics, foams, composites, and even bullets.

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Bird Strike & Foreign Object Damage Testing

UDRI solves challenges related to bird strike and foreign object damage on aircraft structures and aircraft engine components.

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Light Armor Design and Evaluation

UDRI scientists have the expertise and facilities to conduct ballistic impact testing of armor systems and other studies under established testing standards.

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Hypervelocity Impact Testing and Analysis

We use light-gas gun ranges, including the world's fastest three-stage light-gas gun, for hypervelocity testing at velocities up to 30,000 ft/sec (10 km/sec).

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