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Catering Services

The University of Dayton

Catering Operations is located at 1700 South Patterson Boulevard on the ground floor of Daniel J. Curran Place (Main campus location, second floor of Kennedy Union).

The University of Dayton Catering Operations is a specialized group of individuals, comprised of full time chefs, staff and students who strive to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere and most memorable event. Catering Operations customizes events to accomplish the individual needs of guests with a full line of exemplary services. 

Whether an executive luncheon, or an end of the year reception, Catering Operations is committed to creating an experience that radiates excellence. We strive to deliver quality food and services by promoting a welcoming and inclusive sense of hospitality. 

We exist to provide exceptional service in an environment that is God- honoring with a servant's heart.

Your University of Dayton Catering Operations


Catering Services

Daniel J. Curran Place
1700 South Patterson Blvd.
Dayton , Ohio 45469 - 7019