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Catering Services

The University of Dayton

Catering Services is located at 1700 South Patterson Boulevard on the ground floor of Daniel J. Curran Place (Main campus location, second floor of Kennedy Union). Our team is comprised of full time chefs, full/part time staff and students. 

Whether an executive luncheon, or an end of the year reception, Catering Services is committed to creating an experience that radiates excellence. We strive to deliver quality food and services by promoting a welcoming and inclusive environment. 

What You Should Know

  • Catering Services is exclusive to Kennedy Union, Curran Place, UD Arena, The Fitz Center for Leadership (1401 Main St.) and The Roger Glass Center. What does this mean? Food and beverage may not be brought into the facilities from other vendors.
  • Catering Services requires two weeks (10 business days) to place a catered request for large events (socials/receptions & served luncheons/dinners). For smaller events (beverage/snack services or boxed meals), Catering services requires one week (5 business days) to place the request. 
  • Any request to be delivered to campus locations must meet the $50 minimum. 
  • Requests made outside of the one or two week window will incur a 10% late fee.  
  • Any request made to campus locations outside of Kennedy Union and Curran Place will incur a 10% delivery fee. 
  • Final guest counts or any last minute order amendments must be received no less than (3) business days prior to the event date. 
Eco-conscious Practices
Sustainability- minded

We are proud to take part in reducing our impact on the environment in various ways:

  • Partner with one of UD's student organizations, Food Recovery Network (FRN); most leftover foods are donated to St. Vincent de Paul or other area charitible organizations
  • Nearly all carry out packaging is compostable
  • Participate in zero-waste events and recycle
  • Pre-consumer food waste is composted on site
  • Offer a variety of vegan and vegetarian menu items
  • Partner with Ginny's Garden, using campus produce in food preparation
  • Use battery-operated carts for food transport across campus
  • Log food waste
  • Partner with local vendors on food purchases

Catering Services

Daniel J. Curran Place
1700 South Patterson Blvd.
Dayton , Ohio 45469 - 7019