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Center for Cybersecurity & Data Intelligence

Cyber for the Common Good

The Center for Cybersecurity & Data Intelligence fosters collaborative research and experiential learning in an engaging, multifunctional hub space in the heart of the University of Dayton campus. The impetus for a center stems from a growing need for trained cybersecurity workforce as well as new, better methods for mitigating cybersecurity threats.

By bringing together experts from different disciplines to collaboratively address data security and analysis, the center drives developments in the theory and practice of cybersecurity and data intelligence. It provides an emphasis on understanding and predicting cyber risks, as well as responding to and recovering from cyber-attacks.

In the arena of data intelligence, the center also explores and utilizes rich techniques, such as data mining and machine learning. It is envisioned that the convergence of data intelligence and cybersecurity may produce more effective and resilient information security practices. In addition, the center hosts tools and applications needed for data analysis, allowing organizations to develop new knowledge and make better informed decisions.

Ohio Cyber Range Institute Regional Programming Center: Securing Cyber for Ohio

In 2020, the Ohio Cyber Range Institute (OCRI) named UD's Center for Cybersecurity and Data Intelligence a Regional Programming Center (RPC) for its demonstrated capacity, expertise, experience and commitment to develop and deliver programming in education, cybersecurity awareness, and workforce and economic development. As part of its RPC mandate, the Center was awarded funding from the Ohio Department of Higher Education to develop content for education and workforce development.

About the Facility

As part of the center's role an experiential learning hub, a multi-purpose teaching and research space is located within the University's central IT division.

The learning/research facility provides a hub for strategic partnerships with industry professionals and community members. Deploying new tools and processes, the facility supports better cybersecurity decisions driven by data and provides a space to train graduates on current and evolving threat landscapes. As a dedicated/isolated network and data center infrastructure, the hub hosts real-world simulations across the threat spectrum. Additionally, the hub features an experiential, hands-on lab space for multi-disciplinary teaching and learning. 

Cybersecurity Center Videos

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We describe the notion of Cybermindfulness and how it can help turn your system users from passive targets to active allies to better secure your systems.

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Online Safety

Learn how phishing attacks work and how you can teach yourself to resist being a victim.

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Center for Cybersecurity & Data Intelligence

Miriam Hall, Room 300
300 College Park - Suite 300
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 2230

Cyber Center Growth

5000 SQ FT

learning and collaboration space -- Now Open in Miriam Hall.